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Title:A poem
Posted On:2004-01-11 00:00:00
Posted By:» snakestyle
Up in the sky flying so high with the only thing to wonder is how to fly, and to look down and all i see is fools and jesters standing so free. Prancing and prancing all around,being judgmental and making that sound. Well let me tell you this and now youre just entertainment for the fukin crown, and while i fly around in the sky you’ll sit on the ground and fukin die. But i do have a weakness and that is me and one of these days i will have to be "free", to be a fool and not see the truth to entertain without any proof. To smile is to be depresed, maybe one of these days i will leave it up to chance.And le tmy mind be smoldered by those fukin rats. At least i wont feal the pain when i fall but the one that hurts most of all, the one that isnt felt at all the one covered up by all the lies but all we do is sit and die

there you go hope you enjoy and when you read and can actually understand it all message me