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Title:Effects of music on brain
Posted On:2015-04-16 00:40:23
Posted By:» johnathankking
I am a big fan of music. I like music at every time like driving, taking breakfast, during exercise or especially at that time when I want to live alone. Music affects our inner personality in such a way. It changes our real personality according to the message which is given in the lyrics of music.

Someone said that “without music life is a mistake”.
In the article I shall describe some effects of music on our brains.

• Many of us like special kind of music like sad or happy music. Psychologists while investigating the effects of music on brain, they said that, many short music effects on the mood of listeners. They said that, many of us like to listen sad music, because they feel relax at that time , while some of us become happy and try to change their personality according to the personality mentioned in the message of music .


• Music increases our creativity. Loud music may not be a good option to increase creativity. Ambient music helps us to increase our creativity. Ambient music increases the processing of our brain. I also like ambient music, when I try to solve a puzzle or try to solve any math question.

• Music predicts about our personality. If you want to judge someone, must see his top 10 favorite music songs. This will help you to judge his inner personality.

• One of the biggest examples is that, it is research that those drivers, which listen their choice of music while driving, make more accidents.
It is not just kids, which gain something from music. Stroke patients in one small study showed improved visual attention while listening to classical music.

These are some points, that how music effects our brain. There are many other points which can prove my statement.

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