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Title:Perception Management
Posted On:2010-03-31 23:57:43
Posted By:» Scipio
Wikileaks recently revealed that the CIA where engaging in PSYOPS in France and Germany in an effort to change public opinion regarding the war in Afghanistan. If they're doing that over in Europe, then they're doing that in Canada. We've got American spies trying to change domestic policy through subversion and deceit. Lubbly. You can read more about it over on Slate:

Anyhow, the entire farce reminded me of this quote from the movie The Spy Who Came In From The Cold...

"What the hell do you think spies are? Moral philosophers measuring everything they do against the word of God or Karl Marx? They're not! They're just a bunch of seedy, squalid bastards like me: little men, drunkards, queers, hen-pecked husbands, civil servants playing cowboys and Indians to brighten their rotten little lives. Do you think they sit like monks in a cell, balancing right against wrong? "

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» crimson said @ Wed Apr 7, 2010 @ 5:19am
*sigh and shrug* we truly are little men, with very little control. Makes me very curious tho as to what they are doing and how.