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2011 January:
Posted On:2011-08-05 16:29:05
Posted By:» AYkiN0XiA
trance is a state of ecstasy, it's a state of mind, of excitation, of selflessness. we can dance for hours just to reach that point in the night, where everything is aligned, our body, the music, the energies around us. at this moment we know, this is what we do all this for, this is what we live for, this is the real thing...

with time, it gets deeper, as we learn to peel layers of fear and shame, as we learn to be more true.

to reach trance, one must be in good physical shape because it requires a certain vibration, a certain physical awareness. and also, it's a circle... dancing trance keeps people in good shape. it is like a martial art, it makes us healthy inside and outside.

there are certain techniques to attain trance. these techniques can be taught, but also they require patience and hundreds of dedicated hours on the dancefloor to really integrate the movement, to feel it without obstacle.

trance is a path... you are the destination.
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