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2005 December:
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2005 November:
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2005 October:
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2005 September:
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2005 August:
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2005 July:
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2005 June:
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2005 May:
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2005 April:
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2005 February:
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2005 January:
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[ ]Slytherin Solidarity: Canto IV - Red Moon Rising (Part I)
Title:Fool of Muchaku - Part II
Posted On:2005-06-06 00:00:00
Posted By:» karpe
Our fool after walking around 5 minutes find a little road. This road construct with rock, seems maybe the same's person use this road often or a lot different person use it, because a lot of rock is broken.

He said "Road have always a beginning or ending path. Rock ! Rock ! Sorry, My friends I will need to use you. Do you accept my feets ? Ooooooh Thank you very honored, you can be sure, I will take care to not broken you more then you are now."

So Happy our friendly fool, begin to walk but replace each time all piece of broken rock he saw. Say each time "HAVE A NICE DAY !" Or "You ROCK!".

After 10 minutes, he stop to move because he hear a crazy noise, he look around ! No ,nothing ! Continue to walk after 3 minutes, hear another cripy sound, decide to surprise this cripy noise. Turn his head 180 degree "AH AH! Booboo ! A small dog ! so wonderful, oh ! You seems to have hungry my friend ! Well Well Is another mission for me, WE WILL FIND YOU SOMETHING TO EAT ! I PROMISE !"

He walk with his new friend, after 20 minutes, to replace all rocks in the road. He come in village, he see a little place where seems to have food !

FOOL - "Oh ! Look my friends ! Look ! Our mission will be a success !"

When he come near from the place a man stand behind a table and said

Vendor : " Hello SIr, What Can I do for you this wednesday"

Fool look is dog : "Oh you see we got a lot a chance, we are wednesday, this honorable man can help us."

Vendor still not understand because the stranger, seems to talk to someone don't exist. Look other people and no one still not understand.

Vendor "Can I ask U a Question ?"

Fool - "More then one if you want ! Depend how much you are curious or not !"

Vendor "Euhhhhh oki ! I don't want to upset you sir, but you seems to talk to someone doesn't exist !"

Fool "Why do you said that, If I see you and talk with you now, is a great chance you exist. You think you not exist this is sad, my friend"
Look other people around "Do you think this man exist"

Vendor "Not ME ! The thing you talk before you talk with me"

Fool "Oh this ! Ahhhh this is a dog a find from the road"

Vendor "AH DOG ! Mister your Dog doesn't exist, you talk with empty space, no Dog at all!"

Fool check to be sure dog don't run away, but dog still there. Fool "Sorry friend, but my dog are here, just here"
Fool point the dog with his finger.

VENDOR - You are Fool, Ah damn go to hell

FOOL - Thank you !

VENDOR - what ?

FOOL - Why What ? I didn't know where to go, I think you have an excellent idea.

VENDOR - *Stomach* Euh ?

FOOL - Do you you know how I can go over here ! In fact, I didn't know where 2 go, what to visit, I want to see something new, I'm ready for new adventure. Do I need to have Ticket ? By Train or plane ?

VENDOR - You cannot visit Hell !!!!!!!!

FOOL - Why not if you tell me to go to hell, you create place doesn't exist ! Ahhhh you are fool !

VENDOR - I'M NOT FOOL ! You kidding me right ? When someone say to you "go to hell" is for insult this person.

FOOL - Euuuuh ! You are little bit crazy to try insult someone with tell him to someone to go somewhere
*Talk to someone in the market* Eh youuuuu ! Go to Heaven ! Go to London ! No NO ! Paris !

Anyway, if you want to keep in secret. I will find a way to go to hell ! I'm sure you regret what you said and want to keep your Hell. for you ! But I will find I promise ! Do you need something in hell ?


Fool talk with is dog "Vendor seems to be angry, maybe he doesn't sleep very well, last night. You know this happen often because human, create some occupation they don't need just for showing to other they are busy. They forget to dream and after he realize this they become upstet about the fact, they don't dream anymore."

Fool talk to the vendor "Thank you my friend, we will find someone who sleep better to give something to eat to my dog and find how to go to hell. have a nice day !"

Our fool and his dog left the place, with ambiance of laugh from people was around the vendor. Our fool was sure the people laugh because the men realize they forget to dream and this cause him some problem with his vision, so sad so sad.

Now our soul is decide to visit this terrible village secret, visit the Hell

Next Part of the story ..Continue soon..