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Posted On:2010-03-18 14:05:39
Posted By:» amybroccoli
Here is a little poem that I wrote for my English class.
I hope that if you take the time to read it, you will enjoy it.

Phil made me post it xD.


A world of violence,
pain, suffering, and inequality.
A world where people don’t have personalities.

Teenagers are all the same,
They like the same music,
They dress and act the same way.

But there is us, the party people,
The Ravers.
We live in a different world
And we create our own dimensions,
the psychedelic dimensions.
We perceive life in a revolutionary way
and we don’t care about the rules of the universe.

While red and blue gangs kill each other,
we just smoke dope and believe in peace and love,
we live united as a big family and we respect each other.

We are the Ravers,
The kids that bring back the beliefs of the hippies,
today in the two thousands,
under the black lights and the lasers
in the beats of loud techno music.

And no,
we don’t care about your rules
Because we are the new generation,
The rave generation.

We are the night-life birds,
The kids who are free to explore their own minds
And who don’t care what the others have to say.

Our lives are fast,
Just as our music is.
We don’t worry about the consequences
Because tomorrow is too far,
We value what we have today
And we’re party all night long.

While people argue
if the new president is gonna be a black or a woman,
or how much money they can make off the oil in Iraq,
We organize crazy parties and don’t care
about politics, or race, or whatever it is,
Because we’re all the same,
We’re Ravers and we have fun together,
And we don’t fight, because our hearts are open only for love.

Some people say we’re in for the drugs…
Yes, we’re all addicts,
But not drug addicts,
We’re people, who can never stop dancing,
We’re the party addicts.

We throw underground parties,
And the police is after us
because we don’t obey their rules.
We just wonna have some fun!

You stare us down,
and say that we dress like clowns
or that we look like insane people,
But let me tell you something,
we wear colours because we’re happy
and because we love our lives.
We wear home made clothes
And don’t care about the designer brands;
We wear plastic bracelets
And don’t care for all the gold we can buy;
We look funny to you
because we don’t own expensive garbage;
But we laugh at you
because your lives are turning around possessions and money
because you don’t understand the real value of life.

We are the Ravers.
The new generation.
The party kids.
We are the people who you fear
because you can’t have the fun we do
and you care what your parents think of you.
Member Comments
» spliffany said @ Sun May 30, 2010 @ 6:53pm
this is awesome :):):)
» amybroccoli said @ Sun Mar 28, 2010 @ 7:39pm
ty :))!
» Skicks said @ Wed Mar 24, 2010 @ 6:57pm
Awesome! Love it! =)