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Title:NEW RAVE!, New Friends...and a Sadly Early Departure REVISED
Posted On:2008-01-14 10:10:58
Posted By:» PrettyKittie23
Well the first weekend in Montreal was a whilwind trip!I arrive shortly after 4pm from an uneventful 6 hour bus trip I find Prodigyprincess waiting impatiently on the platform.
We head back to the hotel,our room already sporting that rock-star-in-residence look from 3 days of complete disregard for the maid service. We drank Dragon Fruit champagne cooler (sharing pulls from the bottle as to keep from having to find cups amongst the rubble),we smoked strong,tarry hydro (the kind that makes you laugh till your paranoid)and we prepared to really party.Eventually orcurred to me that I had not really eaten anything beyond coffee and Sweet Chili Heat Doritos since 6am that morning.It was decided that there should be pizza.Upon it's arrivald we experienced an irrational moment of total confusion while we attempted to find evidence we recived the correct pizza since all visible indications of the toppings were coated in what was essentially half a family-sized brick of cheese. Both of us being on unfriendly terms with lactose, eating this pizza was congesting millstone around our collective neck.To clear the feeling of mounting cholestorol and solidifying arteries, Prodigyprincess and I have the *brilliant* inspiration to WALK to the location...on Rue Jean Talon....from the Voyager hotel on rue Sherbrooke...with neither of us having visited the city before and having only vague Google map instructions to guide us.
One Hour of walking along rue St Denis being less than 100% certain we were truly headed east, we accept defeat and hop the Metro. 2 stops and less that 10 minutes later we know we have come to the right place! The blasting beats of Psycore and flashing semi curtained strobe/lazer lighting welcome us like your favorite Power Rangers episode. There is an abundance of phat pants,neon and shivering outdoor smokers (damn useless smoking laws)! A quick run past the ticket table (where we incidentially meet the Dave himself without our knowledge),we hit the large,sparcely populated dance floor and BOUNCE!
2 hours later we are tired, sober and saddened to see so few attending. As the comment of one random stranger Prodigyprincess hands candy to "This Rave is Depressing" (thanks Mr. Bringdown).However with much perservere we maintain out cheerful and hyper attitudes and we are soon rewarded! Strinking up a conversation with Nuclear we are learning some names,places and meeting people!Suddenly a fantastically adorable Casper-clad person comes over and offers me a hug! I accept and offer her Kandy. I now have met Synchronicity!
In the chill room and by the cubbys I am introduced to more online personalities! Human-Disease (whom is taller than I expected) excitedly hugs me and tells me about his upcoming ZIM party (which will ROCK)and introduces me (loudly as we are in the music room) to Rainboo Fright (whom is shorter than I expected)she looks shocked and confused when I hand her commemorative Kandy but happily accepts after a moment and an re-introduction. With newly met and awesome friends we pass around a balloon,toys,candy,kandy and all assorted fun chemicals as we bond. Prodigyprincess and I shock (and possibly offend though I hope not) people with our obnoxtious Torontonian(IKK! Hate that phrase and that Im included in it)behaviour of loud talking, frequent cutups, having a husband and being an AINCENT 29 years (1978! WHOO!!).
Alas, the love and good natured tripping could not last for suddenly the lack of nutrients and high quantities of chemicals and calories catches up with my 3 month re-virgin to chemical substances body, and my fun buzz quickly shifts to a terrible sensation (not unlike going through menopause on a kayak in the ganges river during flood season with a 30pound cement block attached to your feet)in the span of under 2 minutes.Stepping outside in hopes of clearing my head Im caught up in the sensation that I may clear the contents of my stomach instead. So, with one last so long and 'you'll be fine'from Synchronicity I am forced to return to the hotel and smoke by the toilet while I ponder maggots and hope it discusts me enough to get the damn expulsion event over with.Post joint and all at once it passes and I am hyper and well once again! Sadly it is now it is 4:30am and too late to say a proper goodbye to everyone:-(
Later,whilst lying in bed re-hashing and disecting our most interesting and beautiful orf evenings, the hotel room is suddenly plunged into semi-darkness....there has been a blackout. Thankfully the 10,000 (grossly exaggerated) some odd glowsticks we have lit are keeping the room in a foggy neon glow. (see pics)Prodigyprincess finds my description amusing and hysterical.Somwhere around 8am the lights snap back on...I noted this as I had already been awakened for several minutes by Prodigyprincess clean cutting forests next to me.The light, starltling her awake,launbches her in to anothe bout of hysterical laughter at the hazy recollection of our glowstick adventures.
Around 11am we drag outselves out for a moderatly healthy breakfast.At this point we are monstorously short on cash after having cleverly spend the food buget on lik-m-aid, candy bracelets, ring pops and candy soothers.We are forced to use the 'only-for-real-like-ending-up-in-the-hospital-with-a-broken-spine-caliber-emrgency fund'. That being spent on steak, eggs and enormous quantities of coffee, we are left with no option but to return home. Cleaning the room(and hiding the evidence) to ensure there are no lawsuits from disgruntled hotel staff and packing up all assorted kandy,socks,toothpaste,cds,cat bags, shoes and smokeables. A HUGLEY long wait later we are on the last bus out of town. I sleep (on a pile of coats,scarves and bags) through Kirkland and Cornwall and awake long enough in Kingston to chug more coffee and slurp down more junk before passing into a burnout, blood sugar stupor.
At 11:55pm we are back in the Capitalist Capital. Prodigyprincess and I are in virtual silence...to tired to even complain.
Dragging myself in @ 12:45am I am still to wired from the trip for sleep so I wake up HouzeCat to amuse me. He asks 100,000 questions which I find easy to answer even through the fog and exhaustion (it made such an impression!). Finally crashing @ 2am.
So here I am now,at work and barley consious but smiling!
Hello and Goodbye to everyone I met!! I promise I can stick it out better next time!
Peace,Love and Glittering Dreams All!

Listening To: the low hum of the fax machine
Member Comments
» ILL_EAGLE said @ Fri Feb 8, 2008 @ 9:31am
Haha, that's a hell of a story for the grandkids! Glad you enjoyed yourself despite your body drug cleansing reflux! :-D
» PrettyKittie23 said @ Tue Jan 15, 2008 @ 9:05am
your journal is spelled more correctly than my journal
» prodigyprincess said @ Tue Jan 15, 2008 @ 6:02am
Hey no fair! Your journal's better than my journal! ;P