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2003 December:
[ ]the start of my Dj life
[ ]...
2003 November:
[ ]1
[ ]Oh yeah
2003 October:
[ ]nouvelle recrue
[ ]Aria
[ ]i have a journal?
2003 September:
[ ]hello
[ ]cloud 6
2003 August:
[ ]Cool... Journal
[ ]The Blackout
Title:cloud 6
Posted On:2003-09-10 00:00:00
Posted By:» Festive
Cloud was amazing!! Great times. Saw some peeps that i haven't seen in awhile like Mary anne and James, Jill, Jimmy, raver Nick and yeah. Danced like a maniac almost all night long. Got a little confused and forgot how for alittle while but it's all good. Went with Andrew, Q, Linds, Ryan and met up with a bunch of peeps there. The people there were nice, supportive, chill and hot as all hell. The beats were awesome great d.j's especially Baby Dino and Mini.