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Title:Nature of the beast
Posted On:2010-12-14 23:59:11
Posted By:» Purple_Lee
Nature of the beast

life & death are cosmic dancing partners ever fallowing the Pide Pipper. I’m a bike courier and have been for i think 12 years now not too sure on when? What you have to understand about what i have been doing is living my life on my rules of sorts & playing well with others to a point. Yes i will admit that i 'm over grown spoiled kid, but the magic part is that I’m happy and all the money in the world can not buy that. I'm not rich, i don't have a lot of thingz but on the other hand i have some wicked ass friends & my families so I’m i poor? I love what i do for a living because it's all about me... there is no passing the buck in this game & fucking right i love playing in traffic!

I'm writing this to put some people's minds @ ease...

this is about the event that @ this moment in time has changed the game plan for me......

November 8, 2010 5 pm ish?

It was rain filled evening heading home that fateful night. My roommate & myself had finished work where heading home going north on st Laurent street. It was raining but nothing to write home about......Micheal was in front of me....there was a car beside me when i saw the action of person that started all this.....you might ask what that started the next order of events......(i did not @ any point pass out)....well what i noticed was a car door being opened (called being door prized) .....car next to me....i angled the handle bars forward with my right hand so that it would not take the hit from the car door...... in doing so the handle bar was violently slammedd to the right side....i was @ that point flying..(i cleared a car'slengthth through the air)....i still rember the reflection of the light from the window shops in the wet street along with car fronpanelle & tire..thinking shit this going to hurt....i hit head first into the street which caused a 2 inch or so gash 2 open (*note* helmet would have saved me from getting 7 stitches, but not what happened 2 my neck)....i hit & rolled to a sittinpotionon on the ground.....I had intense hardcore pain in my left forearm & i thought it was broken....that is when the tingling in my arm started.....by this point Micheal was next to me....i was sort of dazed but full of adrenaline.....all i wanted was fucking smoke....instead i have people handing my Kleenex...(what i did not know @ this point was that i had blood flowing down the side of my face.....still wanting that smoke here.....& then cirrus began....i could see the fire truck come charging up...... three fire fighters get out......i said “ hi there guys i think you are looking for me” & that is when the back board & head gear comes into play.......so there i am strapped to this back board with everyone asking ?.....so they put me into the ablance & off i go.......I knew i was going to the general......Now here is where experiencee pays off......in 2006 when i was t boned they cut off everything i had....OKK normal i would be very excited if where being stripped naked by a group of women....in this case i was saying plzdon’tt cut my shit!!!!!!! so off i going to x-rays.....i get a ct scan & xrays of my arm.......now this is where thingz get interesting....i hate when people do this to u....”i have good & bad news”.....FUCK OFF & GET 2 THE POINT....good news arm is not broken but bad news u have fractured your spine.....nice never done that before....ya 4 me! Now going back to the left arm well @ this present moment it's no freaking picnic....there is something blocked somewhere for my arm does not feel normal & is causing abit of pain....so me i get 2 play the waiting game

i got that smoke @ 3 am or so........

I miss biking and the work i love.....call me crazy but I’m crazy happy when I’m not a broken toy......
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