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Title:For Me.
Posted On:2010-08-22 17:21:29
Posted By:» AtTaGiRl
Well it must've been the devils daughter,
Not a day over 1,000~ she's got the body of water.
Eyes that stare deep into your face-
Eyes that could bring the whole world to depression or grace.
Body Language thats understood in any country,
where enemies don't want money.
Thinking forward, just crouch forward.Just One Kiss!
People with forked tongues they hear no hiss.
Gimme a lawyer with holes in their feet-sliding around the mucuous in the street
A brown angel with a hanger for a halo
mercenary female.
with an afterlife.

Someone throw me some extra tone
tell them mars is on the phone and I`m not home
Somebody lend me an ear - that nobody chooses to hear
well the devils baby girl,outright freak.
Born on New Years Eve
had a part-time job as the district theif
She has full pockets of grief
She`s the brown angel of suicide,with wings that dont work
Like a wounded crow going bezerk

A little boy poisoned the water that I drink
polluted are the thoughts I think
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