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Title:The Question.
Posted On:2011-10-20 10:11:29
Posted By:» Reaper
The Scene has changed and not for the better, I can remember a time when raves where about the music and not about who the promoter was; we used to party until mid afternoon and not have to worry about any problems arising. What happened to that time? Back when I first started I heard of two types of Ravers "Candy kids" and regular party goers like myself. Now there is over twenty different kind of ravers, what happened?
I walk downtown and I see kids on the street drugged up on pills and I notice some of them, I ask them where are they coming from and they say "a rave". Raves aren't about getting high, have we forgotten about that? or has the scene changed completely? Have we lost touch with the main principles of the scene? What happened to P.L.U.R ? The old school people know what I am talking about, when the trip didn't come from any form of chemical it came from the music that was are driving force.

Who will stand up and say we want the scene back the way it was? Back when you could walk into a party and not worry about leaving your girlfriend without fifty guys trying to get with her? What happened to Respect? When are we going to be able to be a family and a brotherhood again when someone needs help at party, we lend a hand when will be in unity again?
When will we be able to walk into a party and feel completely at peace without any chemical help?
And when will we be able to feel the true love of the music, without anyones help?

That is the question we have to ask ourselves when we think about how the Montreal After hour scene changed.

Listening To: Coldplay
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» fengshui-engine said @ Fri Oct 21, 2011 @ 1:44pm
Cool [ mec.ca ] semble venir d'une longue reflexion. PLUR.