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2011 January:
Posted On:2011-03-04 00:15:56
Posted By:» AYkiN0XiA
we are all crazy mazes where you can loose yourself
we are all different, you will never understand
you will never be able to set your mind

we are all equal
with sharp edges and soft skin
with rain glitter and sun laughter
with heavenly scents and bloody pearls

we naturally speak the language of the moon
and maybe we will teach you
if you listen

we don't mean to be evil,
so don't put us up against each other.
there is a web uniting us,
and we are the weavers
of tomorrow.

do not compare us,
do not put us in competition,
let us be luxuriant, abundance,
let us be the magic of the night
let us form this timeless alliance
drink from the sacred fountain
where all the mysteries
were born,

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