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2011 January:
Title:world of my own
Posted On:2011-02-02 01:05:06
Posted By:» AYkiN0XiA
if you want words, they're sleeping in my brain, they're dancing in my hands, i have invited them between the melodies, like spirals, like smoke signals. sitting in the center of the world, sitting on an egg balancing between the light and the darkness, silk and velvet dancing in the blue sky with the stars and the milky way.

visiting other planets, speaking other languages, embracing the colors and the darkness. lighting the candles, turning on the music, making shadows with everything. i will never belong, i will always be right there, i will always be there, where the earth touches the sky, where the water touches fire.

i am more complicated than this, i am more simple than you'd think. i'll just waltz in the ballroom of dreams, the one that was built with everything you left behind.

Listening To: coco rosie
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