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Title:getting really sick of these dreams...
Posted On:2008-10-29 14:58:12
Posted By:» Screwhead
The one that I had last night/this morning, I don't remember as well as that one that I posted up before.. I swear though, it's an awesome premises for a horror movie..

for the first part (I went back to sleep after I first woke up and had another dream in the same area, but from a different point of view) my perspective kept alternating between being one of two kids; a girl anda boy, both no older than 10-11.. The boy was black, and the girl was white, because our mother's first husband was black, but he died and she got married to a white guy and that resulted in the girl.. Our parents though, hate us, and they don't want to take care of us, they just want to get drunk and do drugs and party instead..

They hear about a house that's haunted, where people who move in tend to either move out durring the first night, or die a really nasty death. So our parents figgure it's a great way to get rid of us. Doing some research on it, they find out that the house was built by some crazy occultist, and that, much like the building in Ghostbusters, the house's layout/foundation/etc all works as an antena/gateway to some hell/spirit world/whatever.. And that he built two rooms to be shielded from everything, and that the spirits/evil can't get into those two rooms.

So our parents buy the house, we move in, and then me (from the perspective of the little girl) and my brother are playing with our toys in our room, but right at the doorway. I'm sitting outside the room and he's sitting inside, and we're playing with cars on the floor, when suddenly, the perspective shifts, and now I'm seeing from the eyes of the brother and I see my sister just scream and get dragged out of sight, so I get up and step out of the room to see what's going on, and I just see her getting dragged by her feet down the stairs while she's grasping around, trying to find something to hold onto, and there's what looks like a translucant woman with a knife right over her that's trying to stab at her hands so that she doesn't find anything to hold onto..

I run out and grab the sister's hand, and then the force stops trying to pull her down the stairs and the woman with the knife dissapears, and I pull my sister back to our room.. She's infront and I'm walking behind her, and then the perspective switches again, and now I'm the little girl, and I step into our room, turn around, and my brother that was just behind me gets yanked out of the doorway before he could walk in, and I just hear him screaming like he's getting mutilated, but the scream is getting further away, but not like it was going through the house, more like if it was an open field and he was just going in one direction really, really fast.

I peek out of the doorway and looked to where the screams were coming from, and the hallway just looked like a long, never-ending hallway, and it was covered in blood, bones, bits of flesh, entrails.. like if someone was walking with a lawnmower down the hallway (similar to Dead/Alive) and was just mowing people in his way..

Then I hear another scream from the room across the hall and to the left, the room where our parents are sleeping in, and I hear my mother screaming "This was supposed to be the safe room! We were supposed to be safe here!" and I go over to the door and open it to see what's going on..

I don't quite remember what it is that I saw, because as soon as I got the flash of it I woke up.. It was totally dark, and I turned on the light, and it just flashed on and burned out in an instant, but I saw what looked like my parents getting pulled into the wall, like they were made of rubber and being stretched into weird shapes..

Then I woke up with the sleep paralysis, and I saw some weird shape/person that kind of looked like the black shadow from Ju-On (the original, not the american remake) at the foot of my bed, crawling up towards me.

After I managed to get up and move, I went to the bathroom, took my medication (it was 8am) and then went back to bed to try and sleep..

This time the dream lasted about 5 minutes. I was sitting outside of the house, in a small tool-shed with Alex (HostOne), and he was smoking a joint and had dropped a few buds of weed on the ground and not noticed. I picked them up and put them in my pocket, and he stands up and goes to stand in the doorway and look outside while smoking, and then I say something like "I think I've figgured it out", and he turns around and says "figgured what out?", and then I say "This whole thing. This isn't my dream, it's the demon's dream"

As soon as I say that, his face instantly warps all stretched out with the wide-open mouth, black and rotting, like in The Ring, and he's just face to face with me, holding my shoulders and letting out this scream/screech that I couldn't even begin to describe..

And then I woke up, AGAIN with the sleep paralysis, and again this time, just past the foot of my bed, but crawling towards me FAST, is again that black shadow, but this time I can make out the features of that warped/stretched/rotting face on it, and it crawls over me and just sticks it's face right infront of mine, about an inch away from my nose, and it's still making that sound, screeching at me, untill after a few minutes I finally manage to move again, and then it's just gone in a flash, as if it was never there.