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Title:Sober trip from a long time ago...
Posted On:2010-06-29 13:31:24
Posted By:» SamBObo
So I decide that I'm feeling well enough to go out for a cigarette. (I was sick as a dog all week) So I step out onto the balcony and light up. Suddenly I spotted this cat walking on a fence, and then it disappeared. I continued to smoke but couldn't help but think that it was going to come up the stairs and turn into a zombie cat and eat my legs off. btw I was thinking all of this out loud. Then I was thinking of how I'd kill it if it attacked me, and i was looking up at the broken light bulb above the door and thinking that if it came I would rip the light out of the wall (cause it's loose already) and stab the cat in the eye with it. But then I stopped and I was like.. wtf?! why am I thinking about killing a cat?! And I became sad. But then I looked down and thought I saw the cat crawling near my leg and freaked out but it was just smoke from my rig. And I was scared again and thought if it came I would burn it with my rig. And then, again, I was like, "wtf?! Why am I tripping balls? Why am I so scared? The cat hasn't even come..." And then the ground randomly started going in waves so I went inside.... weird... maybe I'm still sick O_o

Listening To: Dayn - Stomp
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