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2006 December:
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[ ]Wick-it
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[ ]Perles de sagesse
[ ]Paroles
[ ]Out of the Jungle
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[ ]Assemblage 23 - I Am The Rain
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[ ]Hey
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[ ]parole déja dite!!!
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[ ]The Santa Claws-The death of majik and trust
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[ ]Ode au cinema: version feminine versus masculine!
2006 November:
[ ]Incongru (Chill après SSF)
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[ ]pls donate to the narfette does southamerika fund
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[ ]I am my own antithesis
[ ]vivre ta vie
[ ]*roar*
[ ]controversies in subjective psychosis a.k.a: philosophy
[ ]Allegory of the Cave - Plato
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2006 October:
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[ ]Fusion
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[ ]Goodbye my lover
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2006 September:
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2006 August:
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2006 July:
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2006 June:
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2006 May:
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2006 April:
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2006 March:
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2006 February:
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2006 January:
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[ ]day off!
Posted On:2006-11-24 06:18:19
Posted By:» BomBolenath
Summers in the sand. Or is it those sticky summer nights with a 40 in hand. No matter how many games this wild mind of mine may play with me, I've still got those memories. I'll never forget mush tripping in the forest with Katie. That very well might have been one of the most magical mush trips I've ever had. Rare moments like that, where certain factors come into play so perfectly are so fleeting. They're over before you know it, yet they still reassure. I wish i could live in certain moments forever. Ignorance truly is bliss. I wish I could know less, think less, exist more, But that throws into jeapordy the whole nature of existence. But i must remember that living is easy with eyes closed. We musn't ignore, but what the fuck am I ignoring? Melting into hallucinations is such a blissfully perfect escape from anything. All troubles can dissapear and nothing exists but the colours before you. I like colours.

I first heard about L.S.D. when I was about eight. I was riding in the back of my parents car listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles. When I asked my parents what the song was about, they informed me of what I now understand to be the 1960s psychedelic revolution. They told me of the thing the Beatles took which made them feel like they were in a dream when they were in reality. When my interest peaked, I said that sounded amazing and my parents told me acid was the worst thing on the face of the earth. So i put it out of mind.
-"Yo man, Josh told me once, when he took acid, he thought he was in two rooms at once!"
-"Ha. Acid. Josh is jokes man, I dunno about taking acid."
And like that I started looking into acid seriously. When I learned of the influence and potentiel is had for music, art, psychology, psychosis and self-exploration I right away knew this was a psycotrope unlike any other. My kinda of psychotrope. After much comtemplation and alot of looking around i got my hands on some mild acid. But it was acid nonetheless.

I can remember that evening with complete and utter clarity. It was Katie's birthday, everyone was celebrating, getting smashed and i dropped secretively. At least at first. Nothing much happened, until I got to the piano. I just understood it in a way i never had before. The keys stopped being keys so much as an interface that I used to directly tie emotion into music. I understood music in a visual and graphic sense and have expanded exponentially ever since. I remember lying down on Billy's roof listening once again to Lucy with Diamonds staring up into the stars. This was the first time I experienced the psychedelic void.

The stars started all melting into each other and dancing with the music. All concepts of my location, my surrounding, time and space vanished. The music of the Beatles became my universe. There was no need for war, hate and anger in this world. If everyone understood that, the world would be a much better place. The Beatles filled me with all five senses. I even tasted their music in this divine overstimulation of all of my senses. That was true bliss, and that song still carries me there. There is something deeply and unbelievably satisfying about the simplicity of that existence. You don't know what responsibilities are, you are simply content with being alive and that is something I feel every human being should experience.

Not that its all spiritual enlightenment, of course. Alot of laughs, good times and great memories with people you love, memories that you will carry for a lifetime.

Listening To: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies
Member Comments
» Oblivion said @ Thu Apr 19, 2007 @ 2:07pm
I like the way you write, its clear and easy... thus very imaging. I Never took psycotropes, but still, I have tryed a lot of things and understand a bit of what you said here ^^