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2011 December:
[ ]Earthling - First Transmission
[ ]First Entry!
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2011 November:
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2011 October:
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2011 September:
[ ]Awesome Salmo
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[ ]Freedom
2011 August:
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2011 July:
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2011 June:
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2011 May:
[ ]si les chiens pouvaient parler...
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2011 April:
[ ]Les pouvoirs insoupçonnés de notre inconscient
2011 March:
[ ]!bombomkong-rataratakong!
[ ]godesses
2011 February:
[ ]Pas de facebook! Jvous donne des nouvelles ici ^
[ ]2011 starts with a BANG
[ ]world of my own
[ ]darkpsy
2011 January:
Posted On:2011-02-02 01:01:12
Posted By:» AYkiN0XiA
sounds that penetrate you like a shaman's stare, guiding you through the maze of your own hell, your own worst nightmare... taking you to places you've never been, touching you where you've never been touched. destroying the useless fluff of illusion and fear from the inner sanctuary...

blood and tears. trembling. on the edge. almost like a rape of your mind and body, but you agreed to all of this when you step foot on the dancefloor, when you took the drugs that enhanced your experience. (remember...)

and you did it because you trust them. you trust that they care. you trust that they respect this sanctuary, and that they do it with love. and you trust that they will bring you back to a place of joy.

Listening To: metamorpheo
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