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Posted On:2010-05-17 06:15:58
Posted By:» eatingownbrain
Walking on my yellow brick road,
Space travel, warp speed,
I am in the machine.

Telluric currents * heliospheric pulse:
Explode in-between. Every painful second of beautiful.
I talk to myself, feel crazy;
Everything, like a fool. Everyday
A new cycle of complete idiocy –
Traveled and renewed.

Fibonacci revolutions – outward-in.
Turtle and fox; the only way out is in,
Hybrid childhood stories remaking mind,
Hardly symmetry, only spinning –

Stars in the city: six.
I wish I knew their names.
Mysteries left to uncover, magic, the real kind – wisdom of mum,
Unseen and gentle,
Try to remember the wind.

Every moment is made with time; the process of things has virtue,
Existence over essence, for tonight,
Things are dead without time.

And are born in the very breath of finality moving forward.
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