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Posted On:2010-03-29 05:34:12
Posted By:» AlienZeD
Dark matter is stupid, the real reason the Universe seems to be expanding is that the infinite nature of the Universe causes a constant gravitational pull in every direction at all times. It's naive to think our known universe is the only light out there, just because it's the only light we can see. Our Universe began as infinite nothingness; there was nothing anywhere, but even nothing is space, and out of space came relativity. Relativity created a neutron and an anti-neutron, two particles that were split from nothingness, if ever to meet, would again become space, but even space is nothing. Infinite nothing existed for an infinite time, always the same but still relative. Relativity created a progression, when nothing split, something was created and space had become even more relative, to infinity.
We are possible only in an infinite universe progressing through infinite time, we are what has always been and always will be, a pattern in space time. Celebrate our ability to celebrate!

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» thejaycore said @ Tue Apr 6, 2010 @ 11:23am
NICE i do agree with you!