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Title:Coming Back To Montreal 5/17/10
Posted On:2010-04-27 14:59:06
Posted By:» DjCy-Fi
So after a few dates in Europe, I will be arriving in Montreal on 5/17.
Added about a week onto my trip so that I could visit with every one again, had an awesome time there in November...though this time I need a better tour guide...preferably one that isn't so 'warm blooded' :/

Oh also in other news I have photo cover appearances on:
Grimm's Fairy Tales - Inferno (released this week)
Mystery Society (IDW)
Hack/Slash (hoping to get casted for the potential movie)

So grab up the comics if you see them, I know Mystery Society is being released internationally.
You can also hit me up for copies cause I have lots :):)

Love You Guys!!

Bites & Kisses:
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