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Title:I will never be purly anything. None of us will.
Posted On:2004-01-26 00:00:00
Posted By:» buddahbunny
wether it is mine or wether it is not
wether its on the street or wether it is in a paradise
appreciate everything
all the time
i wont be part of the crowd that needs to loose what they have in order to truly appreciate it.
I will throw it all away if its not what i want.
People will say "what goes around comes around" I will say "life is the struggle of balance"
first %50 of life is shit and having to admit to yourself at your weakest point that NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU... the ladder%50 you shall be blessed what you do with that blessing is up to you. The people that have a content life their whole run will most likely die on their death bed surrounded by loved ones. there will be a person out there that will have a %100 shit bent over a log, fucked up the ass life there whole way through and die by getting mugged , raped and murdered. There is good and evil and no reason to repent. How would you know happy if you did not know sad...to play with good you must play with evil...the world has no balance and no concept of either of these 2 things. So many are hypocritically good and so many others are so spympathetically evil....i try to have a balance of all things in my life with moderation.
I will never be purly anything. None of us will. pure good or pure evil .pure sad or pure happy pure slut or pure..hahaha pure slut?? that just sounds funny...and ill sure as hell never be completely serious ! im doing not that bad though...im not in denial about anything that my life is and where i know its going.I dont regret some of the more taboo decisions i have made or having thought the thoughts that i have or having done the things that i have done...
Walking in the sadness of the sun and in the shadow of happiness.