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News (Media Awareness Project)
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PublishedMedia Awareness Project (56409 Articles)WordsLines
2012-02-02CN AB: Cops Declare No Amnesty For Ecstasy39559
2012-02-02CN BC: Column: Negtative Effects Of Smoking Marijuana37256
2012-02-02CN ON: PUB LTE: Right Promise To Legalize Marijuana46464
2012-02-01CN ON: Sweeps Show Less Drug Activity In City High Schools16827
2012-02-01CN ON: PUB LTE: Liberal Party Gets It Right With Promise To46964
2012-02-01CN ON: PUB LTE: Liberal Party Gets It Right With Promise To46964
2012-02-01CN ON: PUB LTE: Reader Says Liberals Get It Right With Promise47064
2012-02-01CN AB: Amnesty Eyed As Ecstasy Deaths Rise737107
2012-02-01CN AB: Drug Amnesty Eyed40971
2012-02-01CN AB: Column: No Regrets For Ecstasy67795
2012-02-01CN BC: LTE: Other Views65373
2012-01-31CN BC: OPED: We Are Not 'Pot Doctors'51064
2012-01-31CN AB: Column: Message Is Simple677119
2012-01-31Canada: RCMP Ends Link With Maricopa Sheriff's Office32748
2012-01-31CN ON: PUB LTE: Legalizing Marijuana Would Create Jobs18433
2012-01-31CN AB: Say No or You May Die, Cops Say30438
2012-01-31Canada: RCMP Drops US Drug Training Plan23931
2012-01-31CN QU: 15 Years For Smuggling Ecstasy36750
2012-01-31Canada: RCMP Axes Training With Rogue U.S. Sheriff Office38251
2012-01-31Canada: Mounties Nix Training After Claims Of Profiling In Ariz29845
2012-01-31Canada: RCMP Scraps Plans To Train Officers In Arizona59281
2012-01-31Canada: RCMP Backs Off Arizona Training44164
2012-01-31CN AB: Toxic Ecstasy Toll Hits 12 Dead23530
2012-01-31CN AB: Ecstasy Death Toll Hits Seven67293
2012-01-30CN AB: Ecstasy Probed In New Calgary Death636102
2012-01-30CN BC: Bad Heroin Could Be Behind Overdose Uptick17531
2012-01-30CN MB: Grow-Ops On The Rise In Manitoba, Mounties Say23631
2012-01-30CN NF: Ecstatic Over A Drug Bust33144
2012-01-30CN BC: Increase In Drug Deaths Concern35351
2012-01-30CN ON: Bank Worker's Recollection Clashes With Police Tally of33866
2012-01-30CN BC: PUB LTE: Expansion Of Drug Kits Is A Smart Move By VIHA26638
2012-01-30CN BC: PUB LTE: Solution To Drug Prohibition And Corruption22435
2012-01-29CN AB: Enough With OD's47990
2012-01-29CN ON: Editorial: Stephen Harper's ''Tough-On-Crime' Laws Are32742
2012-01-28CN AB: Ecstasy Toll Rises44085
2012-01-28CN BC: Drug 'Scourge' Takes Its Toll32949
2012-01-28CN BC: PUB LTE: Ailing Legal System Can't Afford Tough-On-Crime Legislation16928
2012-01-28CN AB: Tainted Ecstasy Tie To Sixth Death Probed47075
2012-01-28CN MB: 'Drugs Killed My Youngest Son': A Mother's Endless Pain522104
2012-01-28CN AB: PUB LTE: Booze Is The Big Problem10914
2012-01-28CN AB: PUB LTE: .05 Law a Cash Cow15318
2012-01-28CN AB: PUB LTE: God-Given Right10615
2012-01-28CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibition of Drugs Endangers Children's Lives5814
2012-01-27CN ON: Witness Told Nurse Of Cop Beating Hours Later41459
2012-01-27CN ON: PUB LTE: Billions, Made Legal11518
2012-01-27CN BC: Ecstasy Threat Real Say Nelson Police54170
2012-01-27CN BC: Column: Neighbours Are Key To Safe Communities33751
2012-01-27CN BC: VIHA Moves Cautiously To Step Up Efforts For Harm984152
2012-01-27CN ON: Beaten Drug Dealer 'Was All Bent Over,' Mother Tells45163
2012-01-27CN AB: Editorial: Ranting At Raves Wasn't The Solution68882
2012-01-27CN AB: Column: Open The Bar And Stop Raving About Raves967115
2012-01-27CN BC: Victoria Drug Trafficker Hangs On To Truck14822
2012-01-27CN BC: Editorial: Harm Reduction Is Useful And Necessary46076
2012-01-27CN ON: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Must Be Ended Now8519
2012-01-26CN ON: PUB LTE: Is There A Better Way To Deal With Illicit12622
2012-01-26CN ON: Drug Dealer Threw Up Blood Before Accusing Police Of Beating38467
2012-01-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Fighting For Medicinal Pot41652
2012-01-26CN BC: Legalize pot to disarm gangsters: Expert835134
2012-01-26CN AB: The Politics Of Pot54072
2012-01-26CN BC: Bad Month In Surrey: 31 Days, 8 Shootings, 4 Gun891132
2012-01-26CN BC: Edu: UVSS Moves Forward On Needle Disposal Boxes68397
2012-01-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibiting Pot Not The Answer18140
2012-01-26CN BC: PUB LTE: Policing Privacy38347
2012-01-26CN ON: Talking Pot With Bob Rae In London54764
2012-01-26CN BC: We're Way Higher58894
2012-01-26CN BC: Trustees Dump Idea For Criminal Checks30139
2012-01-26CN BC: LTE: Drug Dealer's Self-Justifications Fail To Impress17630
2012-01-26CN AB: Alcohol Ban At All-Nighters Lifted48871
2012-01-26CN ON: Column: Case To Legalize Pot52987
2012-01-26CN ON: Crime Bill May Jam Windsor's New Jail46867
2012-01-25CN BC: PUB LTE: Devil Law Enacted12524
2012-01-25CN ON: Ex-drug Dealer Denies That Money Motivates His Police54077
2012-01-25CN BC: Pot Advocate Fears Public Input On Zoning37065
2012-01-25CN BC: PUB LTE: Prohibition Ineffective29843
2012-01-25CN SN: Leading The Way In Youth Treatment41765
2012-01-25CN QU: Substance Abuse Up For Dawson Survivors46758
2012-01-25CN BC: Grow-Op House Seized, Sold29244
2012-01-25CN BC: Trust A Key Ingredient Of Cannabis Cookies, Court Told44262
2012-01-25CN MB: Editorial: Legalize Marijuana But Don't Minimize Dangers37155
2012-01-24CN BC: Grow-Op Advocate Cannot Cultivate City Support36160
2012-01-24CN BC: Editorial: Drug Lessons Aren't Working28141
2012-01-24CN BC: LTE: Opium Ban Worked6513
2012-01-24CN BC: Nothing Unique About Dried Pot, Court Told40353
2012-01-24CN SN: Sask RCMP Warn of Deadly Drug43355
2012-01-24CN AB: LTE: Grits On 'Death Watch'7912
2012-01-24CN AB: LTE: Deadly Dealers12916
2012-01-24CN AB: Grieving Calgary Mom Hopes Son's Overdose Death Will41063
2012-01-24CN BC: LTE: Legalization Debate All About The Money16833
2012-01-24CN BC: Editorial: Public Quiet On VIHA Effort26437
2012-01-24CN SN: Sask RCMP Warn Of Deadly Drug43557
2012-01-24CN BC: PUB LTE: Drug Laws Are A Failure And Always Will Be15129
2012-01-24CN AB: Huge Gaps In Support For Families961121
2012-01-24CN AB: 'His Heart Just Stopped:' Girlfriend Of Suspected SAIT51476
2012-01-24CN ON: Ontario Slams $1B Tab For Justice Bill47365
2012-01-24CN AB: Editorial: Legal Grow Ops Must Be Safely Operated21929
2012-01-24CN BC: Caine Wants Jury Trial23742
2012-01-23CN BC: Ecstasy Use Increasing Despite Drug Becoming More Dangerous43349
2012-01-23CN ON: Federal Omnibus Crime Bill To Cost Ontario $1 Billion52675
2012-01-23CN ON Edu: Cannabis And The Crown43458
2012-01-23CN ON: OPED: Grits Support Can Be The Kiss Of Death44664
2012-01-23CN ON: LTE: Marijuana Legalization Is Not A Pressing Need18427
2012-01-23CN BC: Column: Court Complains Of Justice Delayed59781
2012-01-23Canada: PUB LTE: Common Sense9316
2012-01-23CN BC: Dad Fears Ex's Reaction To Son's Accidental Marijuana818102
2012-01-23CN AB: Drugs Linked To Two Deaths48775
2012-01-23CN BC: Despite Ecstasy-Related Deaths, Dealer Says Business Is1420171
2012-01-23CN BC: Despite Deaths, B.C.'s Ecstasy Business Booming1166142
2012-01-22CN BC: LTE: Supporting D.B. Turner's8915
2012-01-22CN BC: Ecstasy Deaths Prompt Warning70298
2012-01-22CN ON: Crime Stoppers Reports A Good Year For Home-Grown Pot19225
2012-01-22CN BC: Surrey Mayor Wants Tougher Sentences For Having Illegal49466
2012-01-22CN ON: Priest Who Took On The Drug Trade1215156
2012-01-22CN BC: LTE: Forget Harm Reduction, Let's Have Dope Reduction34945
2012-01-21CN SN: RCMP Issue Ecstasy Warning In Saskatchewan14421
2012-01-21CN BC: Crack-Smoking Kit Program To Be Expanded In Nanaimo33857
2012-01-21CN BC: LTE: Consequences For Pot Possession Are Serious10220
2012-01-21CN ON: PUB LTE: Legalize Cannabis For Public Safety23533
2012-01-21CN BC: Tainted Batch Of Ecstasy Leads To Deaths54593
2012-01-21Canada: Column: Addicted To Prohibition82696
2012-01-21CN BC: Tablets Laced With Cheap Additives Have Fatal Consequences43968
2012-01-21CN BC: Partiers Dancing With Death1423194
2012-01-21CN BC: Latest Shooting Is Squaring Gang Accounts, Say Police28540
2012-01-21CN BC: Tackling Chronic Offenders Key to Reducing Vancouver's1154135
2012-01-21CN ON: Column: All aboard the Cocaine Express4668687
2012-01-21CN BC: Editorial: First Ecstasy, Then Oblivion29844
2012-01-21CN AB: New Leaf For Pot Program50177
2012-01-21CN AB: Last Toke For Home Grown Pot59286
2012-01-21CN NS: Editorial: Legal Pot Sales Pose Complications31944
2012-01-20CN BC: Editorial: Cautionary Tale Behind Tactics To Smoke Tories23438
2012-01-20CN ON: Maxwell Beech's 'Second Chance' Less Likely In Future68488
2012-01-20CN BC: Editorial: Just Say No Approach Still Isn't Working26541
2012-01-20CN ON: Column: Getting High On Grits' New Pot Plank49361
2012-01-20Canada: US Opens New Canadian Front In War On Drugs896125
2012-01-20CN BC: Editorial: First Ecstacy, Then Oblivion30836
2012-01-20Canada: Spain Asked To Speed Up Trial For Ailing Canadian20226
2012-01-20CN BC: PUB LTE: Support A Just Drug Education Agenda13928
2012-01-20CN BC: Tainted Ecstasy Causing Deaths57194
2012-01-20CN BC: PUB LTE: Ban On Pot Leads To More Drug Problems24241
2012-01-20CN BC: PUB LTE: Fighting For Medicinal Pot41453
2012-01-20CN BC: Column: Our Evolving Problem With Drugs53875
2012-01-20CN BC: Pot Growers Don't Like Proposed Bylaw67792
2012-01-20CN ON: Police Corruption Trial Witness Once Admitted Attacking39361
2012-01-20CN AB: Call For Stricter Pot Rules38858
2012-01-20CN MB: Devil's In the Details of Liberal Party Proposal to993157
2012-01-20CN ON: 'I Was Tortured,' Crown Witness Testifies in Corruption63885
2012-01-20CN BC: LTE: There Will Be No Surrender; Ramp Up the War on18226
2012-01-20CN AB: City in Dark on Legal Grow Ops49180
2012-01-19CN ON: Police Accuser Denies His Injuries Were Minimal42062
2012-01-19CN ON: LTE: Have The Liberals Lost Their Collective Heads?23437
2012-01-19CN BC: Teen May Have Had Death Wish46969
2012-01-19CN ON: Crown Witness Accused Of Lying In Trial Of Four Toronto31345
2012-01-19CN BC: Editorial: Drug Lessons Not Working26143
2012-01-19CN ON: Harm-Reduction Programs Threatened1016148
2012-01-19CN BC: Health Authority Planning To Increase Harm Reduction Activities37058
2012-01-19CN BC: PUB LTE: War On Drugs A Cure Worse Than The Disease12437
2012-01-19CN BC: PUB LTE: Liberal Recognition Of Failed War On Drugs Shows15326
2012-01-19CN ON: Column: Liberals On A High After Convention Vote759129
2012-01-19CN ON: Medicinal Marijuana Program Under Review71293
2012-01-19CN AB: Column: Getting High On The Grits' Pot Plank45863
2012-01-19CN MB: LTE: Liberal Potheads18423
2012-01-19CN ON: Witness Cannot Be Trusted, Lawyer For Ex-officer Says54874
2012-01-19CN QU: PUB LTE: The Legalization Of Pot8918
2012-01-19CN BC: Allen Pushes Trustee Crime Checks53776
2012-01-19CN BC: PUB LTE: Enforcement Efforts Are Failing In Drug Battle17727
2012-01-19CN AB: Column: High on the Grits' Pot Plank49263
2012-01-19CN AB: Weeding Out Trouble45775
2012-01-19Canada: Policy Pitfalls Could Quickly Kill Buzz Around Liberal998157
2012-01-19CN BC: PUB LTE: Rae Liberals Fight Confusion22538
2012-01-18CN ON: LTE: Leads To Problems10017
2012-01-18CN BC: Editorial: Pipe Dream?23430
2012-01-18Canada: Editorial: Liberals Show They Are Serious About28940
2012-01-18CN BC: Hallelujah! Canadians Agree It's Time To Legalize712106
2012-01-18CN BC: Mayor's Letter To Minister Becomes Evidence In Pot Trial56273
2012-01-18CN ON: Alleged Police Beating Victim Was A Flashy Drug Dealer, Defence40064
2012-01-18CN ON: Editorial: Liberals On Right Track To Legalize Pot37450
2012-01-18CN QU: Column: Legal pot: Political Stunt Or Idea Whose Time Has58573
2012-01-18CN ON: Cops 'Just Pulverized Me,' Witness Testifies At Trial52981
2012-01-18CN ON: Column: Move To Legalize Pot Heats Up77391
2012-01-18CN BC: Editorial: First Ecstasy, Then Oblivion28159
2012-01-18CN BC: LTE: Don't Let Evil Triumph44851
2012-01-18CN BC: Metchosin Weighs In On Legalizing Pot37755
2012-01-18CN BC: PUB LTE: Can't Eliminate Grow Ops10821
2012-01-18CN BC: Gangs Find Way Around Ecstasy Laws36552
2012-01-18CN BC: Editorial: Drug Deaths Show Need To Talk To Kids20035
2012-01-18CN BC: B.C. Court Urged to Snuff Out Medical Pot Access Rules38150
2012-01-18Canada: Canadians in Favour of Relaxing Pot Laws: Poll30040
2012-01-18CN ON: Drug Squad Trial Hears Account Of Brutal Beating57287
2012-01-18Canada: Majority Of Canadians In Favour Of Legalizing Marijuana33347
2012-01-18CN ON: 'I Thought I Was Going To Die,' Man Tells Cops' Trial34561
2012-01-18CN MB: PUB LTE: Liberal Bamboozle24635
2012-01-18CN NS: Marijuana User Gets Absolute Discharge52882
2012-01-18CN AB: City Drug Program's Demise Leads To A Rise In Needle Use35662
2012-01-17CN BC: Health Officer Joins Call To Decriminalize Pot53370
2012-01-17CN BC: LTE: Rcmp Attention On Drugs Welcome11023
2012-01-17Canada: Column: The Bold New Liberal Plan To Legalize Pot59666
2012-01-17Canada: Column: It's A Perilous - And Political - Road From78287
2012-01-17CN ON: Toronto Police Drug Squad Officers 'Tried To Cover75694
2012-01-17Canada: Editorial: Pot Legalization: An Endless Saga63370
2012-01-17Canada: Frigate Helps Recover Drug Boat30847
2012-01-17CN QU: Column: What Are The Liberals Smoking?70690
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News (Media Awareness Project)