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2009 November:
[ ]Inner Belial
2009 August:
[ ]TZOLKIN compiled by San Isidro & Glink
[ ]See Mystery Lights
2009 June:
[ ]happy raves '95
2009 May:
[ ]Planetary Service
2009 March:
[ ]Slouching In Your Chair
2009 January:
Album:See Mystery Lights
Posted On:2009-08-17 10:55:58
Posted By:» RaveMasterFloyd
Hey yall, Floyd here to give you the low down from Mira Gut and Back on this new release by super fly group YACHT. This new release is megaphysical, but half of it is crap, lead singer iz a reel hottie I been lookin u p picturs of her online sweet body. If you wants to shit yourself pick up a copy of this CD, but while you listen to it check out my new poem: BOOM BOOM IN DA TRUNK YOOo, its mega sweet, chill out with a big spliff and read my supercraptastic poem you wont be dissssapointed mofos


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