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Label:Turbo Trance Records
Format:Jewel box
Posted On:2005-02-23 00:00:00
Posted By:» anima


Turbo Trance Records/Arabesque


Remarqué sur la scène trance mondiale avec son album Lost Paradises, le français Charles Michaud est de retour, et quel retour ! Un style radicalement différent, certes toujours mélodique et groovy, fidèle à sa signature, mais beaucoup plus abouti .Une production vraiment phat le rapprochant du style de Sub6, «Stop The Press », titre le plus intéressant , aussi bien du côté production que du côté effets et astuces le démontrant amplement. Entre les influences tech house «Question and Answer», funky comme sur «Bokoboko», un tube qui galope qui galope, ou très aérées et deep comme sur le magnifique «Wicked Jimmy» ou le surprenant «Electrology», Triptych nous montre tout son potentiel. A noter 2 collaborations avec des artistes du label, l’une avec Beka très réussi, et l’autre avec Dj Senix, parfait pour le petit matin, avec une jolie guitare. L’album de la maturité ! VITAL Psychotrop (02/2005)


After launching their two new concepts, Accelerator series and Trance Express series, Turbo Trance follows up with the eagerly awaited second album from their sonic star..… Triptych.

Already the tracks featured on this album have been gaining fantastic feedback from his most recent live sets.

Later this year the second edition of the Accelerator series, this time compiled by Australian DJ Beka, will be released. She will be demonstrating an utterly danceable blend of psychedelic sounds and will include artists from all corners of the globe.

Following “Accelerator 2.0” will be “Trance Israeli Express” compiled by label manager DJ L’Elf. This compilation will feature both established artists and some of the up and coming talent coming from Israel.


Turbo Trance is proud to present “Electrology”, the 2nd Triptych album produced by Charles Michaud. In the past 12 months Charles has been touring the world showcasing his first album “Lost Paradises”, released by Turbo Trance in 2004. Since then he has released tracks on some of the most renowned Psy-Trance labels such as T.I.P World, Mind Control, Nano, Alchemy and Transient amongst others.

Charles Michaud is known for his unique and original style and this Triptych album demonstrates his brilliant skills in terms of production quality. His sound is both wide and dynamic simultaneously and is always clear and powerful. Listening is a pleasure, dancing is a must!

Be ready to explore the new technological face of his music. Still groovy and inspired by many influences, this album is a unique fusion. From minimal-pumping rhythms to “lounge” harmonies, from ecstatic melodies and funky basslines to disco beats and electro-pop leads………Charles takes the “Electro” sound for a journey through Psychedelic Trance.

Come along and join us for the ride. Big smiles and positive vibes are guaranteed!! After all life wasn’t always meant to be serious….


Triptych was touring the world these two last years to present his first album “Lost Paradises”, included in the Accelerator world tour 2003 with other Turbo Trance artists like his label manager L’Elf, Mumbo Jumbo, Psypilot…

This world tour reached many countries and more than 20 dates brought Triptych and his famous live act over Bristol and London in UK, Paris, Marseille, Orleans, Grenoble, Avignon in France, Zurich, Lausanne, Schauffausen, Chur in Switzerland, Lisbon in Portugal, Dortmund in Germany, Prague in tchecoslovakia, Amsterdam in Holland… for Europe. But also, Mexico city, Monterrey for Mexico, Goiania, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro for Brasil, San Francisco for USA... to name a few for the rest of the world. Even if Triptych never played in Japan, his name is quite known there regarding the numerous single releases he had on biggest Psy Trance labels compilations well implanted in this country.

Since his beginning in 2001, Triptych released one album and tracks on all Turbo Trance compilations but joining their efforts, himself and his manager (L’Elf) tried to develop his name, licensing his music on many different labels. More than 20 tracks were licensed, 70% in 2004! This last year, Triptych name knew a real explosion and today it’s a proof a quality and originality and all biggest labels are requested his music for compilations

Some examples:

Triptych – Avalon (Shiva Space Japan / 2004)

Triptych – Though Transfer (Yellow Sunshine explosion-Germany / 2004)

Triptych – Celtych (Nano records-South Africa / 2004

Triptych – Do it! (Mind Control-France / 2004)

Triptych – Fifty (Alchemy records-UK / 2004)

Coming soon:

Triptych – Sneaky Sneaky remix (TIP World-UK / 2005)

Triptych – Two ears and one mouth (Dragonfly records-UK / 2005)

Turbo Trance records is now preparing the next Triptych world tour to present his new album “Electrology”. This new launching tour will start in February and already the biggest world promoters are requesting Triptych live act.

Already planned, Switzerland, UK , Mexico for February, Canada, Spain, USA for March, South Africa, Portugal, Germany for April. Also Triptych will continue to promote his album in summer in festivals like Omni Festival in Spain in middle of August and more coming soon…


Turbo Trance records is really careful and aware about promotion and marketing.

Since the beginning, the label created a good press network all over the world and remain on good terms with most of the specialized press but also has good connections with more generalist “Dance Music”.

The Triptych album, “Electrology” will be reviews in most of the famous Trance magazine.

Some examples:

Mushroom Magazine-Germany

Revolve Magazine-UK

Up front Magazine-UK

D Tect magazine-Germany

BPM magazine-South Africa

Shangri La La magazine-UK

Entrance Magazine-Australia

Trance It magazine-Mexico

To name few…

But also « Psy Trance » radios (internet and FM):

Couleur 3 (Geneve-Switzerland)

Thump radio (San Francisco-USA)

Hafirot Radio (Israel)

Radio FM (Israel)

Pulsar radio (Poitiers France)

K2 conscience (Rouen-France)

Trance4m.de (Internet-Germany)

Psychedelik.com (Internet-France)

Netmixradio.com (Internet-USA)

Turbo Trance records is working also with different press like LILO magazine in Paris which is a night life agenda or with “Dance Music” magazines like the most famous CODA Magazine in France and already got a review and good critical about the new Triptych album

In terms of marketing, Turbo Trance records developed last year a clothes trademark expending his merchandising. With the help and ideas from all Turbo trance artists, Turbo Trance Wear developed three different collections holding the name of three artists: Triptych’s collection with more fashion and clubbing clothes, Psypilot’s collection with more cyber and Psychedelic clothes and Beka’s collection dedicated to the girls.

In this way, people who like Triptych music and are “fans”, can identity themselves to their favourite artist, wearing his clothes collection. It brings more promotion and impact to the name of the artist as our clothes are sold all over the world: Cosmo genesis in Portugal, Kosmik Kitchen in Holland, Psy DMT in UK, Tcheka, Underground Shop, Smart Import, Techno Import, What!, fakir Zoi… in France but also in Japan, Brasil, Mexico, USA…

Their clothes collection is also sold during the summer in festivals and parties where our artists are playing.


1-(120 bpm) 2:05 Access
2-(143 bpm) 8:53 Question And Answer
3-(140 bpm) 8:14 Stop The Press
4-(144 bpm) 8:13 Bokoboko
5-(144 bpm) 7:38 Fifty
6-(144 bpm) 8:55 Electrology
7-(142 bpm) 8:18 State Of Confusion Feat. Dj Beka
8-(144 bpm) 7:19 Own Desire Feat Dj Senix
9-(142 bpm) 8:19 Wiked Jimmy
Member Comments
» HumanBoing said @ Thu Sep 1, 2005 @ 1:23pm
Tres bon album en effet, very trippy psy.
» Aikido2 said @ Fri Apr 15, 2005 @ 5:38pm
J'viens de l'acheter.. Putain c'est fort en ti-pépère!
» anima said @ Thu Mar 10, 2005 @ 9:23pm
J'me suis fait dire ca sortirais au alentours du 20 Mars
» YNot said @ Fri Mar 4, 2005 @ 7:21pm
Merci pour le dossier de presse... Maintenant mon Pete, on veut une critique de l'album :oP
» FRANKB said @ Wed Feb 23, 2005 @ 7:51am
col review...la seule que track que j'y ai ecouter ses emergence sur la comp Transient : Psychedelic Summer