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Artist:John B.
Label:Beta Recordings
Posted On:2006-07-30 17:59:45
Posted By:» ravedave

Electrostep, is varied, accessible, interesting, exciting & genre-bustingly electro-Robo-Tastic. John B's 7th album is more than just a collection of disposable, short-lived dumb dancefloor D&B tracks. Lots of clever, funny lyrics, robot vocals, wide-ranging musical styles, pioneering approaches to production, mainstream appeal but its still underground, raw & refreshing. The influence of modern Electro, indie/rock & 80s synthpop is noticeable throughout, but is interpreted in a way that moulds perfectly with the power and energy of Drum & Bass to define a revolutionary new direction: soon to be widely known as 'ElectroStep'!

Collaborators include: 80's superstar Howard Jones on 'For You See Me' - a powerful blend of electropunk & DnB with a gorgeous vocal & breakdown/buildup. John Bs Porn star friend Marcy Meow provides vocals on the 80s covers 'Tainted love' and 'Metro'. "We met in San Francisco - she's done around 25 movies to date including Barely Legal and Bang Bros." Marcy has her own band Suicide Tuesday and is currently working in Vegas. John performed with her this year at the WMC in miami at the soho lounge. Other collaborators include Floridian Bands Fashionista & Iowatest, Soma-signed My Robot Friend, new UK act One Life Left and LA Electro-TrannySex-Masters Dirty Sanchez.



CD1 TRACKLISTING [Continuous DJ Mix with index points]:

1. Rendez Vous
2. Russian Bride
3. Electrostep
4. Iowatest - Timelapse (John B Remix)
5. Midnight Air 2006
6. Stalking You On Myspace (12" VIP mix)
7. Howard Jones - For You See Me (John B Remix)
8. Electronic (Radio Edit)
9. Tainted Love - (CD Mix) - (Feat. Marcy Meow)
10. Dirty Sanchez - Fucking on the Dancefloor (John B Remix)
11. Hey Mickey
12. Fashion (feat. Miss Ch33tah)
13. Take Me Home (feat. Stareyes)
14. Red Lights (feat. Shaz Sparks)
15. One Life Left - Freedom Faliure (John B Remix)
16. Remember Tonight (Radio Edit)

CD2 TRACKLISTING [Mixed] - (Limited Edition BETA CD 06 LTD Only)

1. Fashionista - My Only Joy (John B Remix)
2. Castor - Emily
3. Metro (feat. Marcy Meow)
4. Take me home (feat. Stareyes)
5. Celebrity 2006
6. American Girls (Synthpop Electro mix)
7. John B vs. Hydra Breaks - On a Mission (John B Mix)
8. Fashion (feat. Miss Ch33tah)
9. Tainted Love (Feat. Marcy Meow)
10. Dirty Sanchez - Fucking on the Dancefloor (John B Remix)
11. My Robot Friend - The Fake (John B Remix)
12. DBA vs John B - Falling 2005 (John B Remix)
13. Stalking You on Myspace - (DanceRock Remix)
Member Comments
» spo_onani said @ Fri Sep 15, 2006 @ 5:14pm
osti de kawliss ... c'est tellement bon ! nostalgie de l'été 2005 ahhhhhh
» MelooDie said @ Thu Aug 17, 2006 @ 3:34am
I'Ve received mine! OH YEAH! My personals favorites are : One life left and For you see me (maybe because i never heard them before).It's a really nice fusion of style! Electro,dnb,punk,80's ( A LOT OMG:D ) and his cheezy trancy vocals . I really appreciate the real guitar touch too! A very good album !! 10/10
» ravedave said @ Tue Aug 1, 2006 @ 5:16pm
I've been Stalking You on Myspace!!!