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Album:Inner Circle
Artist:Various Artists
Label:Tribal Vision
Posted On:2005-10-03 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
V/A – Inner Circle

Artist: Various
Title: Inner Circle
Format: CD (jewel case w/ 12 p. colour booklet + DJ case insert)
Label: Tribal Vision Records (Czech Republic)
Cat. #: TVRCD003
Distribution: Psyshop.net
Date: 09 September 2005

Track listing:

Really Great compilaiton. something very new for Tribal Vision and i think its a step in the right direction..

Starts off with a little intro, that leads right into the first track of Inner Circle.

Beat Bizzare gets things remixed by Shaman as starts things up with a more proggressive side, but with a funky housy bounce in the opening of the track. As it moves on, it gets more and more trancy with some really sleek sounds. Something i'd definatly mix at a party..

POTS came as a big surprise to me since i haven't really heard music from them in a while. I really had no idea what to expect from this track. Starts off kinda dark and groovy. i love the percussions in this one.. and the electroish buzz is wicked. the bassline is very original in this one and they use it well with the rest of the sounds in this song. One of my favorites on the compilation.. Look out for there upcomming album.

Parrket comes forth with a something a little heavyer. Its an overall good track with some cool hat patterns. This track is very progressive and rather slow at some points, but it develops very well as a whole..

Kalimax slow's things down another notch. This track isn't the best track of the album, but its a good listen at home while doing some homework.. hehehe..

Ouu lala.. this one's hot.. Prosect stings us all again. Great bass and kick, i love the melodies and the effects, wow.. The buildup's are just incredable.. the intensity of this one is about as high as you can get.. You can really tell when someone has real musical talent.. my hats are off for this track.. and just when you don't epect it, it turn's into epic trance.. "It begins very simply, it begins......with a house" .. this song takes yet another turn, into something a little more tribal and starts building up intensity again.. im telling you, this track is very interesting.. Would be awsome to see a Triac + Prosect track... i can definatly see some resemblances and the blend would be awsome..

Well, after that last track, our brain is kinda fucked, so no one really has a chance to sound good.. Here comes NASA as he gives it a try.. and it might be because of that last track, but this one doesn't come close. Its not really my cup of tea at all. It sounds very nice and all, just isn't me right now..

Ok, now we move on to the real deal again, Human Blue sets the mood again, as things darken up again. This track just has that magical feel to it. Its probably the deepest of them all you'll find here. I really like this one.

Next up is Etnoscope.. This is the type of track that you'd like if you have never heard Etnoscope before.. it even has those trademark Tamtam's too.. haha I love those. a good track to dance, not too heavy, not to soft..

To finish things off is nobody better than Tegma. They have really increased there kick since the first album. I really like what they have done. it has a techtrance feel to it and its definatly my style. I really like the hollow kick and creepy sounds that build up the power.. a top notch track !

Well, that was really something.. This album serves up a little taste of everything all blended up into 10 tracks. Each track pushing towards a different sound, keeping the listener entertained. I am really happy about this release because some tracks almost sound like techtrance..

Favorie tracks are 1, 3, !!6!!, !!8!!, 10


01. 02’07” Mladen Glavinic - Intro
02. 08’09” Beat Bizarre – Corrosive Juices (Shaman Remix)
03. 09’23” POTS – Pole Position Club
04. 09’11” Parrket – Science In My Mind
05. 07’38” Kalimax - Demons
06. 09’42” Prosect - Sonified
07. 08’32” NASA – Sloppy Noodle
08. 08’43” Human Blue - Screwdriver
09. 06’39” Etnoscope – Fast Licking
10. 08’04” Tegma – No Time
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