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Label:Neurobiotic records (Italie)
Posted On:2006-05-11 00:00:00
Posted By:» Tech_Safari
hello guys,

This is the official review from Triskele management , the official booking agency of Neurobiotic artists.
I recommand you this cd, the new album of Panick.
Panick is one of the new
rising star in israel.His new album will be out may 15th on Neurobiotic records.

Triskele Management : Psytrance Artists Management and Promotions

Panick - 'Lab-O-Matic'

Release Date: 15 May 2006

Panick, or Nick Laniado, has been rocking the Israeli trance scene for
the better part of a decade, and has carved out for himself his own
niche of a sound that has been described as big and juicy, funky psy
grooves that make waves on the dancefloor and raises roofs in the home
setting. Having been releasing top-notch tracks since the golden days of
TIP and having worked with names such as DJ Goblin an s Psysex to Sub6,
Domestic,and the infamous Shiva Space Technology and Crystal Matrix
labels, Nick draws from a vertitable Akashic record of experience and
immersion in psy-trance music and culture and his creations show it...
"Lab-O-Matic" especially loses none of its sense of groove from
beginning to end and is complex and meticulously intricate enough to
stay fresh for umpteen rotations in the playlist.

For those of you who prefer quality to quantity in their trance music,
Panick's "Lab-O-Matic" is fit for you. After years of heavy involvement
in the global psychedelic trance scene and countless released tracks and
collaborations with some of the biggest names and labels out there,
Panick's tireless creativity yields yet another bountiful harvest of
some of the plumpest, juiciest trance tunes to be heard this year. The
same sound is almost never heard twice and with such little repitition,
as Panick puts so much into a smaller space, taking you on a virtual
tour of the unknown and unfamiliar, and leaves you with joyously little
time to do much other than thirst for what the next beat will bring.
Featuring ten immaculately produced tracks, Panick tickles the senses
with sounds and samples which seem more to have sprung straight out of
intelligent thought than a synthesizer, and pulsating basslines which
pump and throb to their own alien heartbeat. Delivering highly
concentrated doses of psychedelic energy straight to your pleasure
center by way of ecstatic ear canals. With dashes of tech-house and jazz
and a heavily-ladled stew, Panick's album is scarily tangible enough for
the outdoor arena yet distinctly meaty and daceable enough to darkened
clubland energetics. Panick sets a new standard for himself and his
genre with "Lab-O-Matic"; If you haven't ridden his vibe yet, this album
is a great place to start!

Click Below for Samples:

1 Menace To Society
2 Blind Sensations
3 Radioshake
4 Incsoc
5 Lab-o-Matic
6 Cronick Candy
7 Class-X
8 Cap Zion
9 Jibjab

Bonus track: Manic Miner Edit

Track by Track:

Menace To Society
An album of this caliber deserves a long, interesting introm and like
sonar, "Menace To Society" foreshadows the dark secrets lurking in this
album's depths. Luring you in with techy, happy rhythms, a rough-edged,
funky bassline, and lightly filtered flanges for that cylindrical
"Metal-tube" effect. By the end the synths are etching a melody dripping
with acidic saliva.

Blind Sensation
This second track comes at you from below, and before you know it,
you're hopping on a trampoline of stomping kicks and stew of beefy bass.
Once-living beings hardwired to mainframes emotionlessly repeat their
iterations, and that's where the musical stabs come in. "Blind
Sensation" is a metaphorical "iron maiden" of trance tracks... the
buzzing, resonant noises, synth hits, and buzzing fly sensations envelop
you from all directions. This track has one of those sinsiter "digital
organism" feelings to it, and tattoos itself on you with some of the
sharpest synthesis needles that ever oscillated.

Pure dancefloor material, "Radioshake" rolls in like a thick fog and
brews up a tempest of layered synth leads and serrated trance riffs
without a hint of cheese. It has a tittilatingly sadistic slant that
should slake the thirst of those who like their trance techy and dark.
The breakdowns are appropriately hypnotic here and provide a great
transitive element... there are multiple stages of energy here.

"Incsoc" lets you in easy enough, not out again... at least, not until
it's done with you. No two loops here sound at all the same here,
there's enough element, progression, and change here to make each
measure seem like a mini-track in itself. The hits and stabs are jazzy
and disco-sounding, and the leads glide enough to make spirals and loops
for the brain to ride on during the melody. With a hint of psychedelic
cartooniness a dash of funk and a splash of Buck Rogers retro sci-fi
flair, this piece keeps it humorous and housey, and blends together
nicely with the darker hyperintelligence of the previous tracks.

Starting off on a minimal, industrial tip, the title track of this
albumrolls in on reverbed, melodic synth droplets. A thick, funky bass
provides the substrata for atmospheres of lush, blooming pads, and all
the while newly twisted percussion sounds add complexity to the beat.
Pitter-patters of little goblin feet can be heard, crisscrossing from
left to right at the speed of sound. The drum noises and riffs do most
of the work and the harder synth leads don't come into play until later,
making for a nicely relaxing, yet motivating track, with plenty of room
for nice long mixes in the sound. Its finished off with sick,
experimental sounds towards the end, and while none of the sounds are in
your face, this track still stalks you closely.

Cronick Candy
Mantric vocoded messages, gliding synth filters, and edgy, dissonant
melodies, makes this track fit for even the haziest of heads with
squishy, malevolent loops of thick synth layers and an evolving bassline
geared for optimum headnod inspiration. The notes and accents are
painstakingly placed, and the percussive elements have a homegrown
quality to them... indeed, this track feels as if it were pulled and
quantized out of random, fleeting everyday sounds from the nostalgia of
childhood until just a few moments ago.

Class - X
One of Panick's greatest talents in his production is his ability to
combine wet, unnaturally organic sound bits with supremely digital,
futuristically Eastern synth leads and pads to create conflicting,
questionable moods perfect for describing the plight of robotic
Pinocchios, and it really shows in this one. The melodies here seem to
ride the spaces between notes amidst atonal backdrops of meditative pads
and a bassbeat that seems powered by pistons. this track has all of the
twistings and turnings of a good tech-psytrance track without being too

Cap Zion
Panick doesn't waste any time getting this track started with a
sixteenth-note hopping bass attached to kicks and a high-hat array that
sounds more like crickets in an empty room being wrung through a high
resonant filter. Filled with repeating noise layers that build up on
each other as time progresses, you focus on that, electronic phantoms
flit undetected in and out of the sound spectrum. The drums and notes
are all put together nicely to create an up-and-down alternating current
feel which is perfect for midnight dancefloor antics.

The first near-minute of "Jibjab" sounds like the fleshy chewings of
some huge grub moving about indise corridors of ancient alien
spacecraft, then the bass kicks in and all of a sudden you sense you're
moving. There are sounds in here that are ambiguously either drum or
synth and are saw-toothed in their progression. By about three minutes,
however, you'll find yourself aboard a psychedelic carousel of buzzy
synth leads. The leads in these tracks deliver with the force and
attitude of a guitar rocker with a loss of none of the funky jazz in its
conversion into the digital realm.

Manic Miner Edit
An electric, alien bayou of chirps, out-of-this-world birdsong and
synthesized insects that seem menacing enough to gobble you whole. Then
the track leads into a cacophany of downward-spiralling sirens and
echoed riffs which bounce themselves first at you then away. There's
some great outdoor energy in this one... sounds and layers come at you
harder and more twisted than before... the breakdowns only end up
teasing you for explosive audio releases.

We are also looking for quality promoters and production crews worldwide
to host 'Lab-O-Matic' CD Release Parties. We can also offer a
Neurobiotic Records Label party. If you are interested, feel free to
contact Robin at Triskele Management to discuss what's on offer.

Triskele Management www.triskelemanagement.com |

Related Links | www.neurobiotic.com |

Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk
| michael.salmon@arab.co.uk |

DJ Rickam / Neurobiotc records


Member Comments
» psyfaction said @ Fri May 12, 2006 @ 12:42am
Enfin quelqu'un qui connait Panick. Son dernier album a été un de celui que j'ai écouté très longtemps. J'adore ou il essaye de nous amener.. brillant! Fait 2-3 ans que je me demande quand est-ce quelqu'un va en parler ou bien le faire venir!! J'ai hâte d'entendre son nouvelle album..