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Album:Beyond Belief
Label:Oxygen Records
Posted On:2005-12-04 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Spectra - Beyond Belief

Oxygen Records is back again, this time with their first album release. Dj TV has placed his trust in two young brothers from Portugal. Paulo and Francisco Oliveira are the brains behind this fresh new Full-on act. They deliver an 8-track album with an extra intro. Lets get into a little more detail of each track..

The intro starts things off with a breakbeat feel, and IMO is a great opener for this album.

Audio 59 jumps right into things with a strong bassline and kick after just half a second into the track. This track is driven by the insane bassline used to create this track. There isn’t too much melody in this track, however, those that are used fit very well with the rest of the track. This track is in constant buildup, and keeps exploding on the way down. It makes me think of Silicon Sound on Steroids. This track is defiantly dancefloor material at its best that I can be sure to hear a lot of in the near future.

Into the Monkey Planet also doesn’t waste any time getting things pounding as this track starts off very heavy and a little more twisted than the previous track. You can almost feel the electricity omitted from the sonar frequencies of this track, as it progresses into something more melodic near the end as the bassline grooves a little more as well. It’s a very nice track from beginning to end.

Set the Drive keeps things kicking and surely sets the drive on any dancefloor it will appear on. This one takes about 2 seconds longer than the previous one’s before it kicks things off, before these guys serve us another great bassline driven track. Its quiet similar to Audio 59 when we refer to the bassline (but then again, I don’t think I can ever get tired of this type of bassline), only it’s a little less melodic and sounds more “South African” in the style of Pads used.

Headshot brings us to a deserted island, finally giving us honor to an intro before the killing begins.. but wait, whats this, something new?? A much smoother track than what we have just witnessed, also slowing down the pace a little to change up the vibe. So far, it’s the most psycadelic of all the tracks, with interesting delay effects creating the depth of the song. This would be a great track to open up there LIVE act in the near future.. It’s a very interesting track and I must admit it caught me by surprise and touched me in a very positive way.

Ganzales speeds up the pace a little, starting a little more progressive than the first 3 tracks, to build up into something very strong. It almost feels as if the pitch changes during the buildup of this track. Here we have another smasher without any sign of melodies until the last part of the track, yet the melodies aren’t cheesy nor do they take too much room in this track. I really like the way everything flows so well together and progresses slowly as the track moves forward.

One Self features Zero Sequence, as these four guys team up to put together something cool. With the Spectra trademark of this album, this track gets right into the action with a buildup at the very beginning of this tune. You can feel the melodies in this track and the bassline now transposes a couple of times to offer even more variety to this great album. This track sounds like some Astrix at his best, with a very Isrealie sound. It’s probably the best track of this album up to now.

Discoshit features a very dark bassline with some very interesting twists and turns. In this track, Spectra delivers something with a little bit more of a morning flavour, with softer pads and a more standard morning sound. All the sounds are very harmonical and very soothing, yet this track still has what it takes to be played out during the peak times at a party. I really like the breakbeat breakdowns used in this one. Its so relaxing when you have been dancing for hours non-stop.

Last but not least, these guys finish up their debut album with Beyond Belief, another morning inclined track. Lots of melodies are found in this one along with a very interesting bassline, that almost sounds like Wizzy Noise’s style, yet they don’t seem to go exactly in that same direction. It’s a great track to end off this album, with a very soft ending to relax the soul and make you wounder what just went through your mind for the last hour listening to this great album..

In Conclusion, this album as a whole is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. All the tracks are dancefloor designed, and I couldn’t even mention which track I find better than the other, since they are all pretty much top class. This is by FAR Oxygen’s best release, offering nothing less than top notch music. The Mastering is just phenomenal as well, and I’d like to congratulate Audiolize for his hard work.

Regardless, here are my fav’s : 2, 3, 4 ,5, 7, 9

A must by for every DJ and psytrance collector and this should get up there with this years best album releases. Great work TV and crew..


1. Intro
2. Audio 59
3. Into The Monkey Planet
4. Set The Drive
5. Headshot
6. Ganzales
7. One Self (With Zero Sequence)
8. Discoshit
9. Beyond Belief
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