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2009 November:
[ ]Inner Belial
2009 August:
[ ]TZOLKIN compiled by San Isidro & Glink
[ ]See Mystery Lights
2009 June:
[ ]happy raves '95
2009 May:
[ ]Planetary Service
2009 March:
[ ]Slouching In Your Chair
2009 January:
Album:happy raves '95
Posted On:2009-06-09 16:46:17
Posted By:» dawker30
bon pour tout ceux qui trippe happy hardcore,moi je vous conseille fortement de vous tappé cte cd là!
c'est vraiment trop malade, sa prime juste avant un rave, pis ecouté ca pendant un rave quand le set de dj est trop poche.. ben c carrément hallucinant!


Member Comments
» dawker30 said @ Sat Jun 13, 2009 @ 4:13pm
hey i fucked up my damn cd... do you have a torrent link so i could get it??? its scratched behond repair... since one of my ferret decided to come on my pc table and scratch my cd :( anyway thank in adsvance!
» Nuclear said @ Sat Jun 13, 2009 @ 1:02am
i downloaded it... not bad...