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2007 December:
[ ]Trip on X
2007 November:
[ ]AOF : The Album
2007 September:
[ ]Screams of Nature (DARKCD002)
2007 June:
[ ]Now More Than Ever
2007 May:
[ ]Motion Sensor
[ ]Hardcore to the Bone Vol. 9
2007 March:
[ ]starship earth
[ ]Audio Surfin'
2007 February:
[ ]Masters Of Hardcore: Raise Cain
[ ]Converting Vegetarians
2007 January:
[ ]Trash Art
[ ]Trip to goa
Album:starship earth
Label:Third Eye Records
Posted On:2007-03-25 18:53:51
Posted By:» boudhafreak
Sonic navigator Joao Apell Aka Audialize is about to take us all on a cosmic journey...

...upon Starship Earth!

This divine collection of 9 space and time altering tracks has been a work of love, inspiration and dedication. Audialize is one of the break out artists that has been part of the new wave of trance producers coming out of Portugal.

He has been one of the musical pillars on which the strong new Portuguese sound has been built on, using a combination of squelching melodies, infectious basslines and crystal clear production. He has previously released his debut album Audialize - Wanted, which received a lot of critical acclaim and could be heard on dancfloors across the globe from Goa to Tokyo, and from Lisbon to Tel Aviv.

His sound could only be described as Unique, uplifting, deep emotional psy trance with a raw power that shakes us to our core. Being a graduate of Sound Engineering school in Portugal his technical knowledge of sounds and frequencies is clear and cutting edge and thus the quality of sounds and production that comes through the tracks Is on a level all of his own.


1. Skylight Navigation Systems
2. Center View
3. Sauce Commander
4. Trancecryption
5. Starship Earth
6. Fun Rules
7. Meet Yourself
8. Plasmaglow
9. Recent Glory
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