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Album:Around the World in 80 Minutes
Label:Tribal Vision Records
Posted On:2006-05-04 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Tegma - around the World in 80 minutes (Tribal Vision Records)

Format : CD

1. Our World
2. Desert Tale
3. El Maroachi
4. Tribal Dancer
5. Intermezzo
6. Drums of Africa
7. A Night in Cairo
8. I Wanna Be a Robostar
9. Spooked

The world has changed, as does tegma's musical direction, OUR WORLD takes control of our minds from the start. This first track, takes us into a trancy tribal progressive vibe, with strong melodies and tons of emotion. I would certainly play this song alot in the near future !! Its one of those that just keeps on going, running at 9 minutes and fourty
seconds... BPM 132 !

Desert Tale picks up the pace a little with an arabian groove. its a fun, bouncy track thats very psychedelic. its a litte dark as well at some points with low tones. its very interesting, but comming right "after Our World", it doesnt stand out despite is very strong intro. BPM 134

This next one takes a while to lift off, but when it hits you, it was well worth the wait. The atomic electroish bassline is completly nuts. It sounds familiar to some of my favorite tracks at the moment, and this track is a big step in the right direction. Definatly one of my favorites on this album. BPM 134

Tribal Dancer is the return of there more arabian side again as the pace slightly picks up again. it has a cool raggah sample and desert oriented melodies. a good track. its a little long in my opinion. BPM 135

Intermezzo is there half time intermission, placing us into the desert's wind. An interesting little piece of work and a great way to give our ears and minds a little break between tracks.

Drums of Africa is a groovyer track with a funky bassline and some more uptempo'd happy vibes. With a cool african sample. I have to admit that i get bored with the track fast, but its still nice to hear a few times.Not the highlight of this cd. BPM 136

A Night in cairo has a longer than normal intro that really sets the mood for this next track. Once again featuring there more african / arabic sound, only this time its with some harder beats. Its a pretty kicking track as a whole and will surly be fun on the dancefloor. Its slightly brings back memories from tegma's last album, but nothing enough to say it sounds the same. A more interesting piece of work, though i find that some of the sounds don't fit in, although other times, they are too perfect.. BPM 132

Now that the games are over, Tegma unvails there new look. I wanna be a robostar perfectly demonstrates how music should sound. the progression of the song is simply perfect to my ears, with its tribalist percussions and a very very very groovy bassline. Though its still a rather hypnotic track, it manages keep you grooving with there bassline, as it evolves along with the song only getting deeper and deeper.
At some times i think of daftpunk, reminding me of there best work. This is certainly one of the best
songs i've heard since Beckers's Switch !!! Very melodic and sensual at times with a bassline that
keeps surprising you. BPM 134

Spooked is the best way to close this album, with my favorite track of the album. The bassline is simular to the one in the previous track, but that added electro feel makes this one hard to beat. When that electro riff hits you near the end of the song, wow, it takes the song to the next level. BPM 130

All in all, this is a great album and by far the best album release on tribal vision. I am very pleased with Tegma's sound and this complete album feels like an album from start to end. It does a nice job creating a general theme and they stick with it throught out the whole album. I am very impressed and will be listening to this one alot.

Personal favorites : 1!!, 3!!, 8!!, !!9!!

www.tribalvision.cz for more information on the label's releases.


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