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Album:Session 7th Nightsessions
Artist:Digital Energy System
Label:Touringpartner Records
Format:CD Iso Image, Mp3, AAC
Posted On:2005-09-09 00:00:00
Posted By:» supervitamin
Highly psychedelic full on album available from new label Touringpartner Records.

It starts of with a blast! -------.. Is a really crazy headspinner that made my head twist and turn inside out. Really train like leads and explosions. A real psychdelic treat!

So, high intensity all the way from track 1 to track 9. All going at 149 BPM, exept from Duron at 147 BPM.

Its a pure night album for the early mornings at about 5 am - 7 am. Crazy fx and leads, with highkly psychedelic atmospheres all the way.

Zoom-Boom 0.2-16 is a really kind of mushroom track. Also a unreleased treat!

Probably the best track on the album is the bonus track: African Energy Explosions. A really power tune with highly explosive leads, that will haunt you all the way on the dance floor!

I downloaded in Iso Image, Its brilliant, exciting and full of Energy from new act Digital Energy System!

I rate it at 9/10


1. -------..

2. -+-+-+55777

3. Duron

4. K5-K5-K6

5. Klang.0.12

6. Zap Zap

7. Zoom Boom-0.2_16

8. Qwerty_

9. African Energy Explosions
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