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Album:Occurrance (compiled by Dj Nem)
Label:Oxygen Records
Posted On:2006-06-06 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Va - Occurrence (Oxygen Records) Compiled by Dj Nem

Format : CD (standard 4 page insert)
Cover art : http://ip23.dyn181.pacific.net.hk/show/cover.asp?t...

The Oxygen crew is back once again with another great morning full-on compilation. This time DJ Tv takes a break and lets Dj Nem offer us her taste in music. This compilation offers 9 new and unreleased tracks from artists around the globe, covering France, Brazil, Israel, USA and more.. There are a few new artists to the O2 roster as well that offer some interesting tracks. Here is the tracklisting :

1. Setherian Vs Highpersonic Whomen – Floripa Sunshine
2. Sound Field – One Step above the Sun
3. Echotek – Endless Run
4. Triptych Vs Sim 1 – Silver Trip
5. Setherian – What was lost and Forgotten
6. Chromosome Vs Rumble Pack – Hypochondricals
7. Spectra – Insane
8. Visua – Sayonara
9. Native Radio – Downtshaggi

Lets see whats in store for us :

Seth teams up with HW to start the groove on this comp, with very relaxing melodies and a very minimal bassline. As this track slowly progresses, it gets a little harder, but it seems to want to maintain a very steady progression and it never gets carried away. There is no better way to start a set as the sun rises. This one is filled with warmth. Although the kick seems a little too fast for the emotions in this one, its still very fresh to listen to.

The great Sound Field returns as our savior on all the previous O2 releases. They are back with a more relaxing sound, following up beautifully to the previous track. They almost have the same groove, only you can hear that trademark Sound Field sound and you get the impression that at some point, this track is going to explode. Although it never really explodes that way some might like, this one also seems to be content with staying very melodic, yet minimal since the melodies never really evolve.

Echotek is something new for O2, the sunshine slowly sets as he gets installed. The bassline in this one is dark and the melodies are a lot deeper right from the start. This one is a little less morning and much more dancefloor friendly, yet its not really “Full-on” because it is very progressive and it breaks down a lot.

Silver Trip takes things up a notch once again, as this one is a lot darker than the last, and feels a little faster as well. It has a Russian style bassline without all those retarded psych sounds all over the place. After the first break down, the bassline shifts a little and starts to get the groove going. Defiantly the most interesting so far on this CD with simple melodies used in a great way. Thumbs up to the French !!

Seth makes his second appearance on the CD, only this time he show’s his own creation. Buckle your seatbelts because we are in for a long one. A whopping 10-minute track, by far the longest on this compilation. This one is a little complicated to digest, as it seems like 3 tracks put into 1. This one drags and drags until the last 2 minutes of the song, when finally this one turns very interesting. You have got to give him credit for the originality on this one, but chopping a few minutes off wouldn’t hurt the overall progression. Once again, I love the ending.. J

Okay, its time to cool off in the shower for a little bit, as Chromo and Rumble Pack team up to slow things down a little. This one has the same formula as the previous one, as only the last 2 minutes stand out to me as things start to rock a little more. Solid ending.

Spectra is hear to stay it seems as he is the first to release a full length album on the label and you will quickly understand why.. I really didn’t know what to expect from these guys as they have a few tricks up there sleeves, offering madess full-on or more progressive beats. In this one, you find the one that appeals to me, more proggy choone. Insane is in fact very slow yet its has lots of grooves and its progression is a little more emotional than all the tracks on this comp so far. It has a little tribal feel to it hidden behind the bassline. Look out for these guys !

Visua is something new to my ears as I never heard anything from them. This track leaves a pretty ok impression I guess. It is also very empty as a track and doesn’t drive much, yet there is a little magic in this one. There are some good idea’s but, well, I dunno, just doesn’t do it for me.

Native Radio is also something new to my ears. I would almost call this one techno, seeing its repetition in almost all the sounds used. It starts off groovy with a cool bassline but it quick gets old. This one also has a little tribal feel and some interesting melodies yet the depth of the emotion is debatable.

All in all this is an ok CD if you like relaxing morning stuff with a couple of really cool tracks. I much prefer Spectra’s album to this compilation, but only because it lacks variety in the sence that all the tracks are pretty mono-toned. Its like a crossbreed of minimal and neo-full-on.. J

My fav’s are : 2, 3, 4!, 7!!

www.oxygenrecords.com for more information on the label.


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