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Album:Non Standards
Artist:Midi Miliz
Label:G+ records / Wakyo
Posted On:2005-05-31 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
This album starts off as dark as ever with Dos Canoes (one of my favorite tracks from this album). Its very heavy percussive feel, with that dark techy atmosphere and slower tempo make this track a shaolin shuffle (no pun intended) This track made me think right away of the Atmos 2nd brigade album and im sure it would be a perfect blend with a couple of there tracks. Very loopy, very groovy, very butrock. awsome.

10000 watts brings back that Submarine sound found in "The Missing Guest". What a smasher this track is, with those "no exit" type hat sounds, that evil miliz bassline and lots of intensity. It progresses perfectly into another one of the best tracks found on this album. Miliz even experiments with a 303 sound in this one, but its so neatly blended in with the other sounds that its far from iritating the ear.

Now, time for some electroclash. Trace Function is the first sign of electro influences on this album, and it doesn't waste anytime. No intro, just a straight up kick, leading to a smooth and softer track than the last. This song is just delightful in every way. Great track, but can use more punch.

Feet in Air makes me think of some older Marco Bailey productions, with a cool transposed bassline thats very low toned. I can imagine a track like this in a "snickers" commercial, you know, the chocolate bar hehehe. Here we get a little more of that electro feel, but IMO not as much nor as nice as in Trace Function. Still, a fun track to listen to, but missing even more Punch.

While we are in the electomood, we get fed something a little different that the rest of the tunes on this album, Treble Rebel has a strange drive, lead by the snares and percussions. Its hard to tell if this is a 4/4 track or some form of electrobreaks tune. Regardless, we get a great atmosphere, with a dirty electrosnyth sound here and there. Fun but not my cup of tea for the dancefloor.

Speaker Sneaker is probably the most hypnotic of all tracks on this album with a very cool "wahwah" sound followed with pure techtrance melodies. They loose those melodic atmosphere's in this one and hit you in the face with the best definition of Techtrance i can think of. Near the end, we also get honord with that good ol dirty synth sound again.. lovely..

Nick Jacholson is a more melodic feeling tune, but yet still has a powerful drive to it. Its a little long to progress and im left very undesisive about this one. Its not something i would play out on a dancefloor, but its a deep track none-the less.

Supersymmetry calms things down even more that the last track and gives you some room to breath again. Nothing much happening here, but yet the sounds work so well together that i still find light in this dark tune. We get the honor to a little breakbeat breakdown around 3:50 into the track for a short while. Its almost trance, but yet the Hats stand out more than the Mids. Finally, with about a minute left in the track, it takes off into a deep electro-lody (electro melody) hehe, cool new word dont you think???

Psychomachine is much better remixed here that on the moonflower compilation, with a darker electroish feel and much more powerful Hat sounds. Its also more on the techno side, yay..

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for, and in my opinion, the best track from this new, great release, the japan exclusive, Exclusions. I would have thought this track would stick to the breakbeat pattern's, but the pace is high and so were my hopes. And i wasnt disapointed. about half the track is breakish, with no present bass only snares and hats and dry melodies, as it moves along, you get some bass, but still no kick. They introduce all sounds to your mind before the middle breakdown. Then BANG!! Where did they find this monster kickbass?? The track takes off into the darkness and pounds away till the very end of this album.. The great thing about this track is that you can mix it with any other track from the very begining. The progression is perfect, the sounds are perfect, the bass is perfect, damn, its a perfect track.

All in all, if you don't have this album ,WTF are you waiting for?? Its a must if you like Midi Miliz, a must if you like techtrance, a must if you like new fresh sounding music, a must if you dig techno music.

My favorites are Dos Canones, 10,000 watts, Psychomachine and Exclusions, with special mention to Trance function and Nick Jacholson.

Stay tuned for a Midi Miliz track on the upcomming JESTER records compilation..


1: Dos Canoes
2: 10,000 Watts
3: Trace Function
4: The Invisible Witness
5: Feet in Air
6: Treble Reble
7: Speaker Sneaker
8: Nick Jackolson
9: Supersymmetry


10: X-dream - Psychomachine (midi Miliz punked Remix)
11: Exclusions (Japan Exclusive)
Member Comments
» Dan_Le_Raver said @ Tue Aug 30, 2005 @ 4:53pm
cé vraiment VRAIMENT bon jai le premier de midimiliz pis jlé trouver fort mais celle la ... MALADE !!
» Drizzt said @ Mon Jun 13, 2005 @ 11:35am
Great review for great album!!! Nice one Cenzo ;)
» psyfaction said @ Thu Jun 9, 2005 @ 10:44pm
Faut j'écoute ça!
» Mr_Frog said @ Fri Jun 3, 2005 @ 3:29pm
» xbsd said @ Wed Jun 1, 2005 @ 11:23pm
best album of midi.miliz
» FRANKB said @ Wed Jun 1, 2005 @ 9:24pm
I liked the album but..I dont like how midi miliz changed...tottaly biggggg change since the last album
» Infected_FreAk said @ Tue May 31, 2005 @ 5:06pm
Great album "Speaker Sneaker" rocks Can't wait to see them live
» AlienZeD said @ Tue May 31, 2005 @ 2:46pm
I am going to listen to it soon. should be awesome!
» clown said @ Tue May 31, 2005 @ 12:28am
This is on sick album. If you like electroish stuff, you'll dig it. If you like techy stuff, you'll dig it. If you like music, you dig it. these guys are GODS.. plus, they will be at ECLIPSE festival this July.