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Album:Slow Fade OR: How I learned to Question Infinity - 2005
Label:Smallman Records
Posted On:2005-04-16 00:00:00
Posted By:» OoOLuShYsOoO
Choke has always been one of the most innovated and ground breaking acts in Canada, ten years and 6 albums later they still tear shit up everytime

this album is much much more mellow than any of their prevouise work, but its still choke and its still fucking killer.

Choke has gone the distance on this one. Each song is a beautiful journey on its own while still lacking the musical chaos that is Choke. For fans of Choke, it is an excellent album, perhaps one of their best. For those that do not know of Choke, it is definitely not one of their most accessible albums. They are a tough band to get into and it is hard to slog through your first Choke album. You may not find the guitars going off on their own very pleasing, or the vocals may be too nasally and high pitched. If so, than that is your loss, because this is one of the more inventive albums to come out this year.


1. Breathing Won't Come Easy - mp3

2. Until Next Tide

3. Trace Rewind

4. Static Remains

5. Interlude

6. This Forced Hour

7. For Good Reason

8. Miss This Distance

9. It's Not That I Don't Want To Talk, It's Just That It's Freezing In This Phone Booth

10. Tone Deaf Conversations

11. Momentary Relapse

12. Slow Fade

Member Comments
» OoOLuShYsOoO said @ Sun Apr 17, 2005 @ 2:19pm
I have to give it a 10 of course! here is a link to the choke website: [ www.chokeonline.com ] here is one of the songs off the album for download: [ www.chokeonline.com ]