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2010 October:
[ ]Session 01
2010 August:
[ ]Modern Day Classics
2010 January:
Album:Modern Day Classics
Artist:Krome Angels
Label:Atal Music
Posted On:2010-08-28 17:17:26
Posted By:» SnowMushroom
Narrowed down I would say Israeli party trance. Good to jump around to. In several songs they've added very strong bass Hardcore and Hardstyle. It makes a very intresting mix. Check out the song Tuned In. This album is happy not very dark at all. It gets the party going. The mix of sounds is very well done. It sounds like Sesto Sento, if you like Skazi and the very party psytrance u will love this. Track 10 is one of my favorites by Freemasons.


Madison Square Garden
KrisKros Rhythms
Tuned In
Rehabs For Quitters
Street Punk
Blast From The Past
Love On My Mind
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