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Album:Lime Light 2
Label:Tribal Vision
Posted On:2006-08-29 22:26:06
Posted By:» clown
Va – Lime Light 2 (Tribal Vision Records)

1 Rai: Inspiration (9:16)
2 Fitalic: Manufactured Miracles (9:08)
3 Ryan Halifax: Give And Get (7:57)
4 Tegma: 50.000 Watts (7:53)
5 Sonify: Groove Seductive (9:29)
6 Greed (2) vs. Sonic Cube: Divine (7:48)
7 Brisker & Magitman: Strike Back (7:56)
8 Solead: Lay Down (8:37)
9 Vibrasphere: Floating Free (8:08)

Tribal Vision needs no introduction after taking the progressive trance scene by storm in 2005, with over 8 CD releases with a few Ep’s on the side. Dj Slater and the Tribal Vision crew are back with more fresh tunes. As you probably can guess, this is the second part to the Lime Light series, and if we look at the first release, our standards are high for the sequel. They say its always harder to follow-up, much like the movie “Ocean 11”. When Ocean 12 was released, the series took a plunge as it lacked total innovation compared to the first. Lets hope Slater’s standards are higher than Hollywoods…

The Compilation starts off with the TV regular, Roman Rai, as he yet again show’s off his skills and talent in the music scene. Rai’s last releases all differ slightly from eachother and this one follows that path. This one has a heavy prog trance Inspiration, as he shares a less fluffy, yet very melodic track with us all. It of course has his trademark “Ohh Yeah” samples here and there adding a more clubby feel to it yet its all in good taste because it doesn’t get annoying, like for example, “Rounders” by GMS does. This is probably the best track to start off this compilation as it sets the mind for a very trancy journey. Smooth, at the beach, lying in the sun kinda feeling when listening to this track.

After a strong remix to POTS’s “hello kitty”, Fitalic is back with his more housey groove. Manufactured Miracles is just as groovy, as the compilation takes a slight turn from the more melodic side of things. This percussion driven track can’t possibly fail at those more intimate gatherings, in the sun of course. It’s a very happy track with a positive vibe, ensuring a smile on the trancers abroad. Personally, I really love fitalic’s sound, and even if this might not be his best work to date, it surely isn’t something that will go unnoticed.

Ryan Halifax doesn’t have many releases on CD’s these days and I don’t really understand why. There is surly some talent in this guy. I was expecting a very house influenced track, but instead we get a low-keyed melodic trance tune that sets the tone for some dirty electro synth sounds.. Although its not my favorite from this release, the Percs are really fun to listen to and to blend in with other tunes. It’s a pretty straightforward track and it is very loopy as a whole, with an odd sample saying “what you give is what you get”.. Maybe Slater didn’t pay him enough for this track?? lol (im only joking of course)

Okay, well, its time to put the jokes aside and crank up the sound systems. This next bitch might be the next big thing in trance music. After GREAT success with there recent album relased on Tribal Vision, Tegma is back again as they have made a place in the TV roster. 50,000 Watts of pure prog-electro as its best. If you ask me, this is probably the best Tegma track I’ve heard since Spooked. It has strong electro influences, without those “arabish anthems”. There is a sample that sounds familiar to my ears saying “50,000 Watts of …” I’m certain I’ve heard that before… either way, it takes nothing away from this masterpiece. When it peaks with about 4 minutes left in the track it really unfolds and takes you into another dimension. Great job guys !

The Megaraver is back again under his alias Sonify. I was expecting heavy Skazi influences in this track but I guess he didn’t feel killargh in the studio that week and instead offers us probably his best musical piece to date (yeah, that’s the second time in this compilation that my usual artists blow me away). Words can’t come to mind when listening to this beauty. Groove Seductive is his first venture into the realm of electro-prog and I can only prey to the lords that his debut album will sound exactly like this tune. Perfect buildups and a very powerful bass. I’m really impressed with the evolution of Sonify in the past year or so. You rock Andy-Baba !!

Greed Vs Sonic Cube is up next, and honestly; I was quit disappointed in their last couple of releases, so I didn’t expect much from this one. Divine is fortunately something different than the rest of the stuff I’ve heard from these guys and I can only thank God for this. The duo offers something a little happier, much like Rai’s track, with some very pleasant electro touches here and there and some very emotional trances as well. All in all it’s a better track from the guys, but much like Meller’s sound, it’s not really my cup of tea.

Brisker & Magitman is a newcomer to the Tribal Vision team as they Strike Back maybe from a quiet phase in their career? This track’s main focus is on the baseline as its groovy and has a loud presence. To be honest, its not really interesting at all, as the whole track sounds the same from beginning to end and ironically unlike the samples says (Dance) it gives you the urge to take a little brake.

Alrighty, now that that’s over with, lets hear something from the much anticipated new act Solead (motion + Tryptich). It starts off with a very relaxing melody that gives you the urge to Lay Down in the grass and smoke a phatty. I was expecting something a lot more electro that this one if we consider the roots of the Solead project, but I guess nothing is always certain in life. I must admit, that there is not much going on in this one either besides the heavy atmosphere’s. I definitely know these guys can do a lot better.

The compilations ends off with some Vibrasphere as usual with the TV releases these days. This one is a little faster than the rest of the tracks and starts off with a good groove and a low-melody. Like they say in life, never twice without a third right? Well, guess what, This is probably Vibrasphere’s best track to date… Holy cow why wasn’t there album like this one ?? Damn you Peter.. ;) The magnetic bassline in this one attracts your mind to what’s going on in this one. WOW, its crystal clean production and perfect mix is the real highlight on this one, not to mention the overall progression of the track. Picture yourself in a Floating Tree above the clouds, looking down on the world, swiverling and swirling around slowly throughout the sky. Amen to them !

In Conclusion, this is defiantly a hot release and should be picked up by all the Tribal Vision residents, by all the progressive trance Dj’s and basically everyone that likes laid back beats with fun melodies. As always, the TV team offers an extensively detailed CD sleeve, along with the very practical Dj insert.

My fav’s : 2, 4!!!, 5!!!, 6, 9!!!
www.tribalvision.cz for more details on past and future releases !


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