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Album:Creating Social Success
Artist:Prisoners of the Sun
Label:Tribal Vision
Format:CD Jewel Case
Posted On:2005-11-23 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Prisoners of the Sun - Creating Social Success


Artist: POTS (Germany)
Title: Creating Social Success
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Tribal Vision (Czeck Republic)

Track listing:

01 : Crystal Cream 130 BPM 08:45
02: Hello Kitty 132 BPM 09:45
03: Trance Popper 128 BPM 08:34
04: Bravo 132 BPM 08:13
05: Botox Party 128 BPM 08:41
06: Groove Garden 134 BPM 07:48
07: Eifelgold 140 BPM 08:20
08: Dandy Division 138 BPM 09:40
09: Tussy De Luxe 134 BPM 09:43


POTS is Tohmas Wilhelmy and Achim Luthje from Germany. They started making music together in the late 90's, producing dark and trancy music with phat basslines. They have many releases on label's such as Flow, Spiral Trax, Iboga, Manta and Plastik Park. There first album "Scientific Darkness" was released on Sunset Records.. Now they are back with there second full lenght album on Tribal Vision with there new sound.

Crystal Cream starts off this album with a groovy bassline and funky sounds. Using a weak kick, we are honord to the first of many progressive delight's on this album. Not the most complex track on this album, but just perfect to get people's attention. Very loopy but yet still inteligent music. Be on the lookout if your a DJ mixing this track, the last minute is a beatless melody.

Hello Kitty is a little more upbeat and has more of a prog feel to it. Loopyer than ever, POTS offers a different kind of progressive track than "Crystal Cream".. Not the best track on this album, but the middle is very interesting.. its just a little too long if you ask me.. :)

Trance Popper pops right into the action, starting off with a kick and some tribal percs.. i'd say this one is my favorite up to now. A blend of progressive and tribal house makes this a very interesting track. I love the new more housyer tracks, like such released on Avalanche Records.. This one would fit right into those compilations.

Bravo has a more tecky bassline probably caused by a delay effect. The sounds bring to mind the Desert, starlight and tree's.. you can feel a heavy "Nature" influence. This would be perfect at a HUGE outdoor festival as the sun rises to start a new day. Its even motivating at times when you sit a think about what you are listening to.

Botox party could have been one of the most interesting tracks on this album if the bassline would have started near the begining of the track.. It lacks a bit of something, and you can feel the bassline is missing durring most of this one. As this song starts, you feel as if this will be a real good follow-up track to "Trance Popper", but it just doesn't really kick enough.. i guess, as an intro this could be something special since the last two minutes make up for the lack of energy in the begining.

Groove Garden is the track that makes you say "here we go", as this album takes yet another small turn for the best. Seeing much more psychadelic influences than the previous tracks, Groove Garden deep and trancy.. Great to just lose yourself on the dancefloor.

Eifelgold is the fastest of all tracks on this release. Faster isn't always better, and in this case, i feel you loose a bit of the grooves in this one, although it is the most atmospheric of them all up to here, i find its just too fast (im feeling like a wussy ok?? hehehe) Still, this one offers a great progression and a much more DJ friendly track if you like spinning stuff like Freq, Sun Control Species etc...

Dandy Division is truly something speical.. You can really feel the bass here, as POTS takes a more minimal approche to darker psytrance. A very effective track.

To finish off this journey, Tussy De Luxe offers a another deep tune with heavy atmospheres towards a darker side of life, all without being twisted or aggressive.. this is a very soothing tune and can be best hear in the late mornings at a party.

All in all, POTS offers quiet a bit of variety in this release ranging from 128 - 140 BPMS, all still with there own unique POTS trademark. This is a must if you like psytrance that isn't full-on.. :)

My Favs are 1, !3!, 4, 6, !8!, 9

For more info on Tribal Vision and there previous and upcomming releases, please visit www.tribalvision.cz

POTS / Prisoners of the Sun
Free album track download & remix contest

We are offering you a possibility of free download of one of the tracks from upcoming POTS aka Prisoners of the Sun album "Creating Social Success". Song called "Dandy Division" (192 kbs mp3) is available here: http://tribalvision.cz/zzz/POTS/POTS_-_Dandy_Devis...

This way we would also like to launch a remix contest about the mentioned POTS song. All the producers are welcome to participate, no matter the music style. The best remix, chosen by both Tribal Vision crew and POTS guys, will be featured on the upcoming "Social Success remixes" CD among the projects such as Antix, Human Blue, Greed, Sonic Cube, Tegma, Rai and more. The producer will get a proper promotion in the booklet and other possible ways as well as flat rate fee for his work. From the other tracks that won´t be chosen for the CD release, although still achieving a high quality standarts, we will make a special digital download compilation at Beatport.com. Please feel free to send an email to slater@chaishop.com to get a link to the track samples and more info about the contest.


You can also hear the POTS sounds on JESTER's Court LIVE ,Monday, December 5th from 10 pm to 12 pm @ http://live.techno.fm ..

tune in !


01 : Crystal Cream 130 BPM 08:45
02: Hello Kitty 132 BPM 09:45
03: Trance Popper 128 BPM 08:34
04: Bravo 132 BPM 08:13
05: Botox Party 128 BPM 08:41
06: Groove Garden 134 BPM 07:48
07: Eifelgold 140 BPM 08:20
08: Dandy Division 138 BPM 09:40
09: Tussy De Luxe 134 BPM 09:43
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