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2004 December:
[ ]We Interface
2004 November:
[ ]The Collection V2 (Brisk & Ham)
2004 October:
[ ]I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business
[ ]Labyrinth
2004 September:
[ ]I'm the supervisor
[ ]Palookaville
2004 August:
[ ]Symphonic Adventures
2004 July:
[ ]Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned
2004 June:
[ ]Colors
[ ]Lunatic Harness
Artist:Son Kite
Label:[Digital Structures]
Posted On:2004-06-28 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Ok, this album starts off with a nice trancy intro, that leads to the begining of what just might be the next big thing since The Elvis remix by GMS ;) ok ok ok, getting more serrious,.

It lifts off with the sound of a whistel, that turns into a wave of emotion, with a soft drum lead and a nice sample. As the song builds up, and the bassline thickens, a funkadelik groove starts off..A nice warm trance fills this track as it gets you ready to see son kites true COLOURS. Buckel your seatbelts, cause the ride only begins here. Get ready for the OTHER SIDE of son kite.

As the two songs collide, a nice transition is made, that very nicely keeps the flow of this new side alive. As this transition ends, a new, more powerfull bassline comes into play. With more aggression, and less trance alows listeners to FOCUS more on the progression of the song, then on the trance. As it ends with an electroish touch, this just shows how much talent these guys really have.

There's not much to say about this track, excepte that its probably the reason you picked up the album. With warped buildups, and massive destruction in the basslines
makes this track perfect for ON AIR broadcasting at a party near you.

As the air denses, and the night falls, even son kite adapts to every climate. GAME AND WATCH combines Silicon sound, Wizzy Noise and Wrecked Machines all in one. With wizzy as the bassline, a silicon trance, and wrecked style hats, combined with a son kite progression makes this one of the most powerful tracks on the album.
(note that the other artists did not colaborate on this track, just influenced im sure).

"LET US BE" must be son kites response to critic from this track.. sounding like an uplifting trance song that Paul Oakenfold himself would love to mix, I find that its the dullest one of the album (sorry bout the negativity, but every jewel has its flaw). It starts the same way it finishes, with small intensity buildups in the trance of the song.
Really nothing to smash your heads on the wall over. Its a little high pitched sounding as well.

As things move on, a new day is born, with a fresh new melody. Son kite is back to there old tricks, tickling our minds with there psycadelica. A true performance in this one that reflects "THE STARS WITHIN US".

Can you say FUNKAAAAAAAAY?? Woah, funky like a JUKEBOX maybe?? With a housy feel to it, this one builds up quit slowly compared to the rest of there tracks. Not really my style of tracks i'd play at a party, but i'm sure a diversified dj will find great use of this one.

In my opinion, probably the best track from the album. This one represents classical son kite talent, with the return of that good old "Air play" rolling tam tam sound.. you all have to love that one.. it makes me freak.. :) I can't even begin to explain just how great this one sounds.. With an electro track, and a clubby feel, all within the limits of psytrance of course. Its totally MADE TO MOVE.

What a great way to end an album then with the sound that began it.. this little effect adds a unique flow that ALL other cd's lack.. It concludes the story, but leaves room for a sequal. Probably the heavyest track on the album, COLOURS shows calmness, makes you feel like your beachside drinking some tea.

This album is just pure genious for psytrance lovers.. Its proggressive, the trances are enjoyable, never to HI toned for our ears (not like a 303). Its a great listen after a phat joint..

I hope you guys don't give up, or change to drastically, because your style is here to stay.. we need more music like this (emotional) played out in parties. I really gets me thinking.

Enjoy the ride, because this one passes like a cool breaze.


1. Other Side
2. Focus
3. On Air
4. Game & Watch
5. Let Us Be
6. The Stars Within Us
7. Jukebox
8. Made To Move
9. Colors
Member Comments
» DAVETOTHEGRAVE said @ Tue Jul 13, 2004 @ 8:03pm
ill check it out, sounds hot.
» clown said @ Mon Jun 28, 2004 @ 11:02pm
I strongly recommend this album for the people that like quality progressive trance music. If you like a smooth oakenfold mix, you'll LOVE these tracks..