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Album:Prime Cuts
Label:BEEF records
Posted On:2006-06-19 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Artist: V/A
Title: Prime Cuts
Label: BEEF Records
Compiled by: DJ Schwa
Format: CD
Cat No.: BEEFCD01
Released: May, 2006
Label Site: http://www.tribalvision.cz/beef
Release & Purchase Info: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release...
Cover Art: http://tribalvision.cz/beef/prime_cuts/front.jpg
DJ Schwa Interview: http://www.australiens.net/features/121/
DJ Slater Interview: http://www.australiens.net/features/46/

Tracklisting :

Track Listing
01. Love Boat - Bootyooty
02. Petersky - Fuck Them All (Oliverio & MOS Remix)
03. Mathias Schaffhauser - Coincidance (Trentemoller Remix)
04. D-Nox - Seven Hours (Martinez Apocalypse Now Mix)
05. Shuma - Rustyrobots
06. D.Sens - Just Cant Without U
07. Alex Kenji - Cyborg (Original Mix)
08. Federico Giust - The End Is Getting Closer (James Harcourts Twisted Remix)
09. D. Sens & Motion - In Motion N Sicknes
10. DJ Jack - Breakfast At Deca

This is the debut release of Tribal Vision’s sub-label called BEEF records. The label is taken care of by Dj Schwa and this release is also compiled by him.

1. The compilations starts off with a glitchy, yet groovy beat that almost seems a little abstract (in a good way). After a brief intro, the track breakdowns and when it kicks in, Love Boat brings in his bassline that is a true ass shaker. This one sounds like a computer system on acid with a little bit of water spilled on the control panel. Its not really melodic, yet it doesn’t lack melodies. Its just plain Bootyootylishous.. J

2. This next one slows down the beat a little as the Bpm’s drop down a few. This track disturbs me a little. Throughout the song, there’s this robo-voice that says all sorts of ridiculous things.. “Everyone can kiss my ass… motherfucker suck my dick” shit like that .. its hard to follow and I find those samples really kill this one. It’s a very nice track to listen to, but the samples don’t fit the track, let alone the fact that nobody understands why the voice is saying such things.. lol.. its really funny when you think about it and I think it was more intended to be a joke more than anything. It’s a very loungy beat with a lot of static and beeps everwhere. Reminds me of an alarm system with a low battery charge.

3. umm, okay, no more time for jokes anymore. The star of the CD, Trentmoller remixes a tune from Mathias Schaffhauser and turns it into an electro-minimal delight.. This one has a very dark electro feel to it with a lot of hardcore glitch’s brilliantly timed. Lets not forget the bassline in this one. The only thing that bother’s me a little is the constant breakdowns in the early stages of the track but its all worth while I guess when you hear the new sounds that the breakdowns bring into the track. This is by far one of the nicest tracks I’ve heard in a while.. it seems like the track skips a few times too which adds a lot of creativity to the track. Hot hot music here !!

4. This next one is a even darker than the previous tracks and feels slower. D-nox allows Martinez to remix this one and he does an ok job too.. there are some sounds in this song that just blew my mind away. Its defiantly a lot more laid back than the previous tracks and would be a great transition tune to go from electro to progressive. I haven’t heard the original, but im sure it’s a little groovier.. this one sounds a little dry at times. Good one none-the-less.. J

5. Shuma combines even more progressive music with a heavy electro feel to it. I’m starting to dig more and more this guys music as this one is the most electroish so far with a very electroclash bassline. I like the intensity this track has to offer, and it really gets heavier and heavier as its progresses. This is a must for all electro fans.

6. D.sens gets things groovy again as his hidden vocal is the main focus of this track. Its as if the voice in the background was to say something but can’t seem to speak proper English until you can finally hear more and more of it, clearer and clearer. It’s a okay track but lacks a little intensity for my likings.

7. Can you say electro?? I know for a fact that Alex can after hearing him scream this one out loud. Great track structure and really funky electro sounds. He uses that robo-voice in this one too, but it doesn’t attract as much attention as in track 2 and is much more enjoyable here. If you like electro, you’ll for sure dig this one as much as I do. J

8. This one has a more housy feel ( in the percussions) from the start and it really feels good to hear after a bunch of more electro influenced tracks. Unfortunatly, it looses that feel as the track goes on and it ends up sounding like all the rest of the tracks on this compilation. Its good I guess, but nothing to knock your head on the wall over.

9. Well, being a HUGE fan of Motion, I was really curious to see if his collaboration with D.sens would help his sound even more.. the end result is most probably one of the tracks I will play out the most in the next 6 months. This one combines just about everything we have heard so far, along with a very relaxing morning melody and a very strong bassline. Wow, just magical music. These guys should form a side project of some sort because we defiantly need more music like this one (or at least, I do !!!) It fits in perfectly after all these tracks as it really calms the mind. It has a hard electro feel, with the best aspects of progressive psy. Just WOW again !!

10. Okay, we are almost over, as Silky Jack vs Marcos Salo have the honors to close up this one. This is to my ears an acid techno song slowed down by about 30 bpms’. Its very 303 influenced and is kind of annoying to someone like me who hates having a 303 highpitched acid sound in songs. Not something I’d like to talk about really. Sound quality is good though and has some interesting moments, just not for me.

Over all, this CD is something that really surprised me and the varied artist roster is what really makes this cd special. Definatly something for all electoheads to grab and its great for the house lovers as well and even some progressive if you play it slow. Not recommended for all Vegitarians or Vegans.. Ohh yeah, not to mentio is awesome CD artwork. It really makes me laugh seeing two cows ram each other !!!

Favs : 1!, 3!!, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9!!!



Member Comments
» mikelaicervera said @ Tue Jun 20, 2006 @ 11:50pm
» rawali said @ Tue Jun 20, 2006 @ 1:24am
hehe yah man... cant wait to hear this, tribal visions is real solid! ...on the other hand, do I really want a cd with two cows ramming eachother in my cd tower... really disturbing