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2008 December:
[ ]The Private Psychedelic Reel
2008 November:
[ ]Live 2008
2008 October:
[ ]Cyberia Wargods
[ ]evry body hate you
[ ]Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich.
2008 August:
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2008 June:
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2008 January:
[ ]C-P-C Da Friends - Violence
Album:C-P-C Da Friends - Violence
Artist:C-P-C & Friends
Posted On:2008-01-09 23:30:49
Posted By:» PsYcHoTiK
Fou!! Débile!! Malade!! Sa garoche en Sacrament!!!!!!!!!

mais vla la description officielle...

Triplag Music is proud to present 3 album from grand master of psychedelic trance, legendary Vlad (CPC) Radostavin. For years bright CPC light leads the way for artists, inspiration for many DJs and music lovers. Vlad never fails to deliver exceptional quality psychedelic music. From nowadays classical Ueber Der Angst in 2005 followed by soulful somewhat lyrical and monumentally psychedelic Double Bouble in 2006 and now
CPC teams up with friends around the globe to give you full power darkpsy masterpiece - Violence.

Did you ever thought that CPC albums are sound trips? Take it and see how it will change you. Year after year guru sound trip master presents us with a journey that he already made and highly recommends! Don't be alarm by the Violence - sound is the beauty and mantra is the sound. It will perfect you and protect you from bad trips and CPC & Friends will show you very colorful and energetic journey !

Enjoy the trip!


C-P-C - Vlad Radostavin;

From his childhood Vlad was in love with robots. When in Russia first computers appeared small Vlad did everything in his child power to get it. then to study it. he opened the box, he looked inside for those little gremlins who does all the work. he found none. but he also found out that he can do it himself. Computers understand simple language - programming. Natural language processing turned into writing music for computer games.
Later, communication with electronic brains developed into more complex relationship with robots... Vlad fell in love with musical production. All those hardware and Synthesiser devices than can speak on a beautiful musical language! It only needs to be translated it to
everyone! And so, simple hobby of musical programming has grown into professional music production that resulted in 3 albums and many, many single tracks released on various record labels.
Nowadays, more robots lives in Vlad's apartment. We can be sure Vlad will continue to exhilarate us with his interpretation of robot's language.


01. CPC da Lost Eden - La Revolusion 157 7:20 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Pavel Podlesny
02. CPC da Lost Eden - Noice Fans 157 8:34 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Pavel Podlesny
03. CPC da Noise Gust da Aya - Braga 157 7:14 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Kagetoshi Nakamura & Aya
04. CPC da Claw da Kulu da Acid Goblins - Narco Tourist 150 6:54 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Charalambos Pieris & Kulu & Gergo & Adam
05. CPC da Lost Eden da Neodequadro - Puzzle 150 8:05 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Alex Kinahau
06. CPC da Claw da Kulu da Acid Goblins - Narco Tourism 170 5:44 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Charalambos Pieris & Kulu & Gergo & Adam
07. CPC da Lost Eden - Bad Tool 150 7:26 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Pavel Podlesny
08. CPC da Lost Eden - Hochu 152 6:09 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Pavel Podlesny
09. CPC da Kindzadza - Wazup? 152 7:31 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Lev Greshilov
10. CPC da Parasense - Vseh Na Myaso (Karmazon rmx) 150 6:06 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Aleks Kurkin & Viktor Zolotorenko (Rmx by Diego de Pontes Brusantin
11. CPC da Glookanary Express - Open Heart 150 7:47 w&p Vlad Radostavin & Glookanary Express

Mastered by: Vlad Radostavin @ ChoodoSoundLabs
Member Comments
» PsYcHoTiK said @ Tue Apr 22, 2008 @ 7:00am
ouais en effet!!
» Basilisk said @ Sun Apr 13, 2008 @ 3:49pm
Double Bouble is much better.