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Album:Relaxed Journeys
Label:Chill Tribe Records
Format:CD Jewel Case
Posted On:2006-10-19 19:26:06
Posted By:» clown
Va – Relaxed Journeys (Chill Tribe Records) Compiled by PKS

Title : Relaxed Journeys
Label : Chill Tribe Records
Format : CD Jewel Case w/ 8 page insert
Cover :
Artwork by : Marmelade
Mastered by : Eldar Von Essen
Extra : Compiled by PKS

Chill Tribe is a record label based in Norway, ran by PKS

1. Altitudes - Altitude II
This compilation starts out with a great intro track, that is more on the computer glitchy side at points.. a very nice track that would fit perfectly as an intro to a melodic full-on set. What makes me say that is the similar full-onish bassline that is present from time to time in the track. This piece is generally a happy tune with a slight pinch of depression at times. The melodies are simple, yet overwhelming. I really dig this style and I really appreciate the collaboration between Jaia and BPC.

2. Nada - Earthgarden (Jong Remix)
This next tune is a little calmer than the first one and has action going on. Its more focused on the tribal side of ambient music. It’s perfect lounge music for a raining day at home puffing down a few fatties. Its not the most exciting track on this compilation and I must admit that its not really my style, but still there is quality written all over this one.

3. Adam Shaikh - Indu
Next up is IMO the best track on this compilation. Canadian Adam Shaikh returns with yet another great release. You can feel the heaviness of the track right from the start. This is today’s psytrance and what the vibe of music should be like. Its progression is perfectly thought out and the sounds used completely capture your mind and thoughts. The percs are what really drives this one (or at least for me). Its not words that come to mind when listening to this one, but thoughts ! It has a big arabic’ish influence and would be perfect as a theme song for the next Disney’s ALLADIN !! Great job for putting this guy on the compilation. What a groove !

4. Digitalis - Noodles
This next one is less groovy and once again takes a little downward dive into more dubby, jazz-like music. Its very fun to listen to and really lets you just relax and forgot about your day. I find the track a little dull, but right up in the last minute and a half the track takes a really great twist as it unfolds and really gets intense.. for about 30 seconds you can really feel the music at its peak. It has a very slow progression that hits you by surprise when you least expect it.. also a very psychedelic track.

5. Jong - Unexplored Depths
Here is another track that is really worth mentioning. Much like Adam’s track, you can feel the depth and perfection of this track. It’s a little faster than what we are use to so far (or at least it feels that way) on this album and it really wakes you up and takes you out of the dreamy state you are in at this point in the compilation. It’s less melodic and more on the jazzy-side, much like the previous song, but yet it seems to have a little more color. I’m certain this one will hurt on a deep psychedelic trip. Thumbs UP !

6. Makyo - Nothing is real
Makyo offers a more breakbeat piece that really changes up the pace. Its not as deep as most of the previous tracks but it defiantly has a really nice groove going. Its less bassy and more broken up kick structure is what makes this one stand apart. Its pretty loopy and doesn’t really go anywhere and its not really my style either. Its different though. J

7. Solar Quest - Toker Dream (remix)
Ahh, now I can light up my second spliff and start dreaming again. Ironically, the title gives off that impression. I’d expect to hear this beat in all shanty-baba shops selling pipes and rolling papers. Its not really melodic, but something is defiantly catchy about this one. I can’t quiet put my finger on it, but my ears are all over it. Its perfect for those nighttime camp fires, gazing up at the stars.

8. Eldar Life - Gone Gong
Breathe in….. breathe out… This is defiantly the most relaxing journey you will be taking on this compilation, as this one takes more of an atmospheric approach to things. Its very soft to the ear and has a constant kick drum that is very discreet. This is the stuff I really can enjoy at any time of day. It’s more on the dark side of things which can be really interesting because you just want to lose focus and let the music take you away. Me likes !

9. Circular - Ambulo
This one is also on the more minimal side of things, as you can feel this compilation coming to an end. It reminds me of when I was a kid, listening to nighttime lullaby’s before bed time. Its not the highlight of the year, but its surly soothing and refreshing.

10. Saafi Brothers - Multiverse
Finally we have reached the grand finale to this great ambient CD. This one is very hypnitic, with a lot of twinkling sounds that tickle your eardrums. Obviously this music comes from the motherland of great music, Germany. I’m sure there was a lot of work put into this one as the final result is more than perfect. It doesn’t really have a beat, which makes this more experimental or abstract which addes to the psyche bonus ! Definatly a strong ending to completely mind-fuck you. This one is right up there with Adam as the highlight of this compilation

In conclusion, I must admit that this is my first ever Ambiant CD review, therefore I might have missed some important parts in this CD. Its up to you to create your own journey and to enjoy it in your own personal way. I expecially like the fact that its very different from what I usually listen to and its great to see that a style with so little, can mean so much. When you listen to full-on music, you tend to get aggressive and want to jump around everywhere, raming like you were in the Olympic games, but when you listen to this you just want to sit down and dose into the netherworld. A place where stress is forbidden and creativity is your only option. This is defiantly what I can call MUSIC. You know, that thing people have been putting aside lately ??

Great job PKS and thanks for sharing this with me.

Personal Highlights : 1, !!3!!, !!5, 7, !!10


1>Altitudes - Altitude II (8:28)
2>Nada - Earthgarden (Jong Remix) (8:43)
3>Adham Shaikh - Indu (9:09)
4>Digitalis - Noodles (7:34)
5>Jong - Unexplored Depths (9:09)
6>Makyo - Nothing Is Real (Sensual Mix) (7:51)
7>Solar Quest - Tokers Dream (Remix) 8:01)
8>EldarLife - Gone Gong (8:22)
9>Circular - Ambulo (4:00)
10>Saafi Brothers - Multiverse (8:34)
Member Comments
» gdrchickita said @ Thu Oct 26, 2006 @ 3:17am
nice one, can't wait to hear this!!