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Album:Mission to Sedna
Artist:Nuclear Ramjet
Label:Spaceport Records
Posted On:2006-02-19 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
Artist : Nuclear Ramjet
Album : Mission to Sedna
Label : Spaceport Records
Cat # : SPA001CD
Distribution : Static

Nuclear Ramjet is Max and Felix from Montreal, Canada. They are back with there third full length album, this time released on Spaceport Records, their own label. The Ramjets previous albums were released on Montreal’s own Ascend Records.

Folding Time 147 starts the album off with a more mellowy sound from this duo, with heavy synth waves and hypnotic atmospheres. There is also a very cool sample used to add to the feeling of this track. It’s a very long track and progresses very smoothly and slowly, almost minimalistic, but yet, there’s a lot more action in the sounds. We can find from time to time, more astronault related sounds, like the feeling of being in a starship in orbit. About half way in this one, we get a taste of this very delightful electroish synth for about 15 seconds. I would have liked to hear more of it during the track, but they manage to replace it with an Atmos style bassline. As a whole, this track sort of has a “Western” kind of groove. Lets not forget to mention the outro of the track, bringing back that spaceship feeling. A very complete track.

Atomic Empire starts off strong, as they don’t waste any time with intros. As the song starts up, im instantly reminded of their smasher released on ColdGroove Records called “Ibarator”, only a bit less techno influenced and with more melodies. They both have a similar ring to them, at least for the first half.. The second half is a lot more melodic and has that Ramjet melody we got addicted to in there first two albums. Also a very long track, yet as you loose yourself in the groove the mind doesn’t get that redundant feeling. It is a very nice blend of Proggy melodies with techy snares and hats.

Son of a Bush starts out with a little bit of relaxing guitar, nothing heavy, but a little dark. There’s a very nice voice with a echo effect, making it hard to hear what he’s saying. It reminds me of the good old Igneous Sauria days (first album of course). This one has a nice rolling bassline, complimented with soothing synths. It’s dark, yet light at times and it proves that the ramjets know what they are doing. Great music to just smoke a fatty, close your eyes and appreciate the great musical talent. At the very end of this track, we find another very cool spaceport sound sample.

Minas Tirith is in my opinion where this album starts to kick fucken ass. Right from the start, the mind is taken to outer space and your eyes roll backwards not understanding what just hit you in the forehead. Dark screams, hypnotic melodies, chucky hats and a knock your socks off bassline. This track will work wonders on dancefloors across the globe. Up to date, this one is for sure my favorite piece, once again, combining both the dark side of the force and the lighter side of life. Near the end, we also have the honor of hearing the traditional Ramjet synth sound found in the previous albums, bringing back those great memories.

Cloud Sailors has a very minimal progression, calming down the mind after the destruction Minas Tirith just caused. It takes a softer approach, yet it’s the fastest song on the whole album. The title of this one explains it all, with a fluffy one taking you to the stars. As you lay ears on this one, you get the impression that you are floating in the dark. It’s a great track before going to bed to clear your mind from any stress you might have had during a hard days work. It ends off with yet again a cool sample, keeping the concept of this album alive.

Osho is my second favorite song on this album up to now as its melodies and structure grab my attention from the very start. This one I’ll be playing for a long time that’s for sure. The trance captivates the mind and you lose yourself in this one, yet still its delivers the groove to get off your ass and dance. I really love the bassline and the strong hats used to complete this track. At the end, we get the longest outro of all the songs, with a radio communication between a pilot and his flight commander followed by a random synth pad.

Riding the Dragon is straightforward in its progression, as it starts off more melodic and ends more minimal. It’s a little more electrified that the rest of the tracks and adds more variety to this album in a good way.

The Missing Moon is an ambient track, showcasing more diverse talent these two guys have, as they prove that regardless of the style, they can produce quality music. Ok, now, I’m not the biggest ambient lover, but I can still recognize good music when I have the chance to hear it. It’s a great way to end off this album, as it brings you back to space, overwhelming you with soft melodies and mind relaxing trance. It’s a very emotional track, more on the darker side than light, yet they still manage to blend in some joyful melodies.

Well, I must admit this is one of the most interesting releases I’ve heard in a while, and its nice to pick up an album that’s not filled with madness and chaos.. its great to see artists still following there hearts and making good MUSIC and not just generic garbage. I don’t think this album sounds like much I’ve heard before, besides maybe the two previous albums released by the ramjets, yet this release is by far the most diverse of the three and IMO the most interesting of them all. Why you ask?? Because it truly is an album with a story and a concept (which close to NO artists take into consideration anymore). They have taken us to Sedna (a planet just past Pluto) and back. Its more of a listening experience than something that will capture dancefloors at all your upcoming parties, but that doesn’t take anything away from the beauty. Honestly, the last album that had about half as much of a story than this release would be Son Kites “Colours” album. If you like music, this is defiantly going to be something you must have. If you like full-on, this is not for you. If you like techtrance, you might be interested in this and if you like prog, you’ll be framing this release on your wall.

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1. Foldingtime 147
2. Atomic Empire
3. Son a Bush
4. Minas Tirith
5. Cloud Sailors
6. Osho
7. Riding the Dragon
8. The Missing Moon
Member Comments
» geminie said @ Tue Feb 28, 2006 @ 12:28pm
pure psychedelic transe.. juste wow
» FrAnCko said @ Sat Feb 25, 2006 @ 2:51pm
vraiment un sacré bon album !!! allez l'acheter !
» Seabee said @ Tue Feb 21, 2006 @ 4:15pm
Je ne l'ai pas encore écouté assez pour dire que c'est le meilleur des 3 (car Spaceports est excellent) mais c'est définitivement le plus "mature" si je peux m'exprimer ainsi!
» Laurini said @ Tue Feb 21, 2006 @ 3:23pm
j'approuve totalement! tres bon
» Mr_Frog said @ Tue Feb 21, 2006 @ 12:23pm
Excellent album! Le meilleur des 3 a mon avis!
» Glo said @ Sun Feb 19, 2006 @ 10:59pm
nice cd!
» rawali said @ Sun Feb 19, 2006 @ 9:42pm
bloody great review, i agree on all points