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Album:Social Success Remixes
Label:Tribal Vision
Posted On:2006-07-11 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
P.O.T.S. Social Success Remixes

Tracks :
01. Crystal Cream (Rai Remix)
02. Hello Kitty (Fitalic Remix)
03. Trance Popper (Greed vs. Sonic Cube Remix)
04. Bravo (Antix Remix)
05. Botox Party (Parrket Remix)
06. Groove Garden (Human Blue Remix)
07. Eifelgold (Tegma Remix)
08. Dandy Division (Side-A Remix)
09. Tussy De Luxe (Elysium Remix)

Review :

Rai is not a newcommer to the TV team, with many appearances on the previous
compilations, and as this one kicks off there latest release, we now understand why his presence is a nesecity. Rai deliveres a breakbeat version of the track Crystal Cream, and i must say that he transforms it into something crystal clean.

Its a more relaxing tune with heavy progressive trance pads.It its great to kick off this compilation. a very delightful track and its mixable.

Hello Kitty is a call-out !!! Hear this one rock it right from the start. Fitalic offers a more deep housy groove that is very hypnotic. by far the best tune on this whole compilation.
Its also melodic, but in a dryer way, the pads don't control the tune, its driven by the hats and percs, which totally adds to the "groovyness" factor. Very interesting tune.

Greed and Sonic Cube offers a darker side to this compilation, with a very phat and dirty bassline. Honestly, I really like the direction these two have taken with there style if we compare to there album (well, both there albums). Its much more accessible and more melodic, in a happy kind of way. I can picture this track on the beach with the sun glairing on everyone, waving there hands in the air. Interesting .

The title of this next track is a little ironic… Antix remixes Bravo, and it is anything but Bravo’s after hearing this one out. They offer a very monotone track with very little or super slow progressions and the whole track we seem to be waiting for it to takeoff but it just keeps going around in circles. The bassline is interesting, but its hidden behind a few other sounds. Production is great on this track, but its just not my cup of tea, especially not for the middle of this compilation.

Parket is an artist that has been grabbing my attention for the past few months with very diverse releases and this one is no different. Parket show’s his more housy side as he prepairs the botox party. Right from the start we can feel the emotions flowing as it wastes no time in progressing. It has a little electro influence in the leading pad that I find really cool, but I would have made it stand out a little more to add an extra electro feel. As it moves on, it gets rather long and not much more happens after the first 3 minutes of the track.

As this one kicks off, I asked myself, what just happened?? This release suddenly reminds me of “inner circle” with the combination of progressive trance and more uptemp psytrance. Human Blue delivers a harder, yet more minimal track, with less melodies and more intensity. Although this track fails to grab my attention, it reminds me of the good old minimal days. The lack of bassline really hurts this track the most since the overall progression is interesting. I especially like the last minute and a half as we finally get the full force of the tune.

Next up is tribal vision’s newest star, as Tegma gets his chance to remix one of these tracks. Eifelgold was the one they were destined to remix, and a nice job they do. This track is nothing like their album release, but its not either like there material released on “avant Garde”. It’s a crossbreed of some sort, with cool tamtam’s teamed with the clearest production sound so far on this compilation. Its an overall nice track, but even this one seems to have that little spark missing that we found in “spookey” or “I wanna be a robostar”. Its much more trance influenced and not as retro.

Finally, the long awaited winner for the Dandy Division Remix contest. Side-A is from France, also known as Olivier Cambier gets his chance to appear on the worlds fastest growing progressive label. The remix is much faster than I expected, with an whopping 138 bpm speed, I was expecting much less. Honestly, if you downpitch this track, I find it sounds a hell of a lot more interesting and it fits in much better. If not, it appears a little fast and out of place (for me that is). The song has very deep melodies with soothing atmosphere’s. I understand now why he was the winner of the contest. Great track.. just don’t forget to downpitch.. he he he

Elysium was chosen to close this compilation with an ambient version of Tussy De Luxe. It’s a nice track to forget about what you just heard in the last 60 minutes and IMO shines really brightly. Its just a beautiful track as a whole with an African jungle feel. Its almost like a dream, floating on a cloud over the forest. Definatly the track that inspires the most on this compilation. Nice job !

All in all, this is far from being the bext big hit from TV, but its not there worst CD either.. if you liked Inner Circle more than Street Art, this is defiantly for you. As usual, we get the top quality CD inserts and as an added bonus, we get a DJ insert with bpm’s to guide those who’s ear’s are old and interesting artist biography’s.

For more info on Tribal Vision, please visit there site : www.tribalvision.cz ..


Member Comments
» xbsd said @ Tue Oct 17, 2006 @ 9:15am
je lai recu la semaine passée de psyshop, jai vraiment adoré!