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Album:Screams of Nature (DARKCD002)
Label:D-A-R-K Records
Format:CD Digipak, FLAC
Posted On:2007-09-22 01:01:02
Posted By:» D-A-R-K
VA - Screams of Nature (DARKCD002) 2006
Cat. #: DARKCD002
Artist: Various
Title: Screams of Nature
Format: Digipak CD
Label: Digital Audio Recording Kompany (D-A-R-K)
Date: 6/2007
Compiled by:Pritam & Yves
Mastered by: Electrypnose
Cover Art: Prashant Prabhulkar

This is the second CD compilation by D-A-R-K Recs, I have been writing reviews for this label ever since its inception and this label has always amazed me with the new league darkpsy producers from around the world. The tracklist on this compilation has fresh names unheard before with the exception of Neo Vox who were debuted on the first compilation of this record label. The concept behind this release, is an expression of how the Nature has been tampered again and again by humanity in meeting materialistic goals, resulting to natural calamities and crisis that we see happening around the world which is metaphorically described as the "Screams of Nature" on this compilation. These guys have presented this CD in a Digipak with a very twisted artwork which seems pretty symbolical to the concept of this compilation.


01- Khooman - Aghushi ~ 142bpm ~ 9:41 :: Russia
Begins with some sloppy beats which doesnt last for pretty long and breaks into a phat groovy bassline @ 142 bpm, the percussions on this one are highly impressive and with mind-bending fx, lots of mechanical leads sounds keep flowing in, 02.02 onwards starts some highly impressive modulated voice which aint clear as to understand what it says, but this is some helluva trippy vocal sample i;ve ever heard in any track till date, 03.10 things start to get heavy and the bassline starts rolling, with some crooning kid, coughing old freak, some nice sharp synths keep making their rounds, 04:31 the track gets into level 2 with more wicked squelching synths 05.26 back on the voice sample this makes me re-collect of how my voice sounded like when i toked some salvia extract for the first time in my life. Further more , the track gets more complex with some acid squeaking leads and organic pads, am sure this one is a gonna kill the dancefloors.

02- Psybetyarok - Attack of the Mutant ~ 148bpm ~ 7:04 :: Hungary
Short vocal intro of some guy speaking about Electric shocks , and starts the rolling bassline, crazy leads and some mysterious sounding pads keep playing, furthermore it keeps getting more complex with synth layers , there;s a strange radical furiosity in this track , most layers sound pretty organically phat to me. Sharp percussion patterns keep randomly changing, keeps you banging with the track getting sick as fuck. The ambience is pretty wicked and chaotic and sure to freak a bipolar persona. Kudos to Psybetyarok for debuting with this madness unleashed production.

03- Neo Vox - Bigtitspatrol ~ 149bpm ~ 9:00 :: Brazil
This bad-ass brasilian duo make a second-coming on this release , begins with an old skool screaming acid leads , with some sharp hi-hats, a robotic voice and then Bang starts the nasty grinding bass, pretty sick leads coming out and this one has lot of propulsion then their track on the Twisted Flavors comp. the arrangment of layers is highly tweaked to distort your perceptions, it keeps you free-falling all the way in to the abyss of psychedelia. The groove sets one on an endless hypnotic journey, you won;t loose grip right from the beginning to the end, the composition is highly top notch than their last track.

04- Kundalini Project - Screams of Nature ~ 150bpm ~ 7:53 :: Italy]
Starts with a very minimal sounding dark bassline, but some serious atmosphere and leads, 1:26 some sharp acidic leads keep coming with some female voice murmuring in the background, some spaceship kinda sample taking off, 2:35 onwards some more psychosis pours in , getting the atmosphere more sinister, impressive pads creating a perfect spooky atmosphere, 4:30 the track begins to build up with a rollling bassline, more twisted layers get woven, getting you stomp harder, more anxiety keeps coming in to witness whats in store next, Crazy use of FX sure to put you in to an array of mental overload.

05- Malice In Wonderland - Run Away ~ 150bpm ~ 6:43 :: Austria
"Out of Control... a short vocal sample and kicks off straight with a relentless crunchy bassline, sharp percussions sounding crystal like peircing through your cns , squealing leads, and some wicked sounding pads, keep taking you deeper into the darkness, 02:49 a break with a voice sayin "Run Away..., hereafter things start to heat up more, with more layers of synths , fx, pads making their rounds in a smartly interlaced manner, 4:55 comes more power, getting you stomp harder, 5:47 on you;d hear some pretty mental pads all the way till the end. High propulsion track.

06- Oxidelic - Kiselina ~ 153bpm ~ 8:34 :: Bulgaria/Venezuela
A slot machine kinda sample, 0:52 starts this phat bottom kick, with some groovy acid loops which makes your head rip apart, 01:18 begins the bassline, which is prety thick and shifts pitch at short intervals, Squeaks , squeals all over, loved the kick pretty tight, great fx'ed sound samples, perfect faire for the acid freaks, twisted leads, cartoonish sounding samples layered, kid voices, all run through the psychedelic blender, this track would work well during twilight IMO.

07- Karash - FLNJ ~ 153bpm ~ 7:05 :: France
Stinging acid loops and some video game samples, making it a pretty quirky beginning, 0:48 it starts the stomping, diff synth layers keep panning, tracks pretty laid back till this time, 1:41 the journey picks up, broken down machinery kinda sounds keep hitting you now and again, freaky melodies, more grungelizing textures get added making it pretty complex. Overall this one kept me absorbed in its trippy and playful lunacy.

08- Gain Reduction - Swardless ~ 155bpm ~ 7:11 :: Bulgaria
Starts straight with a strong kick and bassline, pretty serious acid explorations we are on here, like a chainsaw run on your brain, shrilling acid loops and ghastly pads, nastly acid loops appregiating frantically , the rapid acid flowing layers make u jump like a docile looney let loose from an asylum for some therapeutic excursions, 05:19 some voice loops keeps coming in and track climbs to much higher level of chaos. One of the sickest tracks u'd hear in your psychedelic lifetime

09- TAS - Stoned ~ 158bpm ~ 6:53 :: Sweden

South park Towelie episode voice sample.....slow groovy kick-bass and some playful leads, 1:02 starts the rolling bassline, pretty nice synth leads with a gate kinda effect, 2:18 on track takes a different turn, more hypnotic melodies and leads keep flying taking you a step further into this madness. I kept getting more of a spooky and tribal feel, loved that haunting forest kinda sample used, the acid loops and the groove keeps your brain churning into chaos leaving you delusioned till the end.

10- SEKT - Join Us ~ 159bpm ~ 7:13 :: Sweden
A voice talking about dream and his world....0:17 this phat high-bpm bassline, with a pounding kick, keeps pushing the BPM envelope the farthest of all the tracks on this compilation, shrill whistling acid leads keep making round with the banging, this one would create some serious mental massacre on the dance floors, leaving everyone incoherent with severe derangement. Individuals having history of Epilepsy & Bi-polar disorders be warned about this one wink.gif

This compilation hopefully will make us earthlings realize the consequences caused by the screams of nature through the form and content manifested by each and every artist lined-up on this compilation.

My fav tracks 01, 02, 03, 05, 07, 08

Reviewer: Appleseed


1. Khooman - Aghushi 9:41
2. Psybetyarok - Attack of the Mutant 7:04
3. Neo Vox - Bigtitspatrol 9:00
4. Kundalini Project - Screams of Nature 7:53
5. Malice in Wonderland - Run Away 6:43
6. Oxidelic - Kiselina 8:34
7. Karash - FLNJ 7:05
8. Gain Reduction - Swardless 7:11
9. TAS - Stoned 6:53
10. SEKT - Join Us 7:13
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