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Format:CD Jewel Case
Posted On:2006-02-02 00:00:00
Posted By:» clown
This CD is kick started with Tristan & Prometheus’s “Supernature” track that starts off very strong as the bassline rolls away. The progression is rather weird, as it seems to go backwards as the song evolves. At some points, it sounds a little south African at its worst, with a weird sounding chord, but once that’s over with, the track picks up again for the second half. I still think the strongest part is the beginning and am very uncertain as to if I will ever end up using this track in a set, but I am sure many will like what they have done here. The bassline is monotone, like most nighttime music, but the melodies are very psychadelic and intense. I don’t like the chemistry of these two artists.

Allaby’s “Aurorae” comes next as things calm down a little and as the bassline gets a little more interesting. The depth of this track is insane and the atmosphere created is very soothing and trippy. This track is a perfect blend of progressive music and full-on psytrance, but without all the extra layers that tend to “overkill” most tracks these days. The dynamics are crystal clear as well. It’s defiantly a must for all sunrises this summer.

Zen Mechanics follows up nicely with a more minimal approach as he shows us his “New Propulsion Technology”. You can feel this track taking deep breaths throughout its progression. I must admit the first half is rather boring until that little acoustic sound kicks in adding a lot of life to this one. Once again we find a rolling redundant bassline much like the 1st track on this comp.

Jaia starts things with a traditional Casio sounding note as the bassline takes its place and grooves things to change the vibe. “Electricity”. This track is defiantly something more progressive and has a very happy mood. This song is screaming to be played at a slower BPM, as the kick seems a little up-pitched, however its still something special as a whole.

R.P.N.G.C is what some might call “the return of the king” as Silicon Sound transforms Pixel and Wrecked Machines tune into what is my favorite track on this compilation. The melodies are heavy in this one and very trancy. I don’t think words can describe the magical feeling this track has. Everything is perfect.. The transposing bassline, the outstanding production, the progression and overlayering of the sounds. WOW.. Silicon Sound prouves again that he is one of the leading (and very underrated) psytrance producers out there. Its one of those tunes that you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of. Its not a dancefloor smasher and really it doesn’t have to be to catch any attention. If I could make music, it would sound like this does.

Okay, its “tea time” as Pixel and Wrecked Machines stand up and offer there own contribution to this CD. Once again we get a more minimal approach to what we are use to hearing from these guys, hence the title to this track. A fun track to listen to, but it lacks that little special energy needed to work its way onto a dancefloor. Then again, I didn’t really like the Wrecked Machines album because it had a more minimal feel to it and this track follows along the album’s lines. Obviously, the production is top notch and if you’re a crazy Wrecked Machines fan, you will defiantly find this track interesting. As for me, I’ll take a coffee break instead.

“Welcome to Reality” everyone, as Orion remixes this classic. He’s added a much groovier bassline than in the original, yet he keeps the catch melodies found in the original.. a very pleasant track to just sit a listen to. Not sure if I would play stuff like this on a dancefloor, but defiantly ideal for a trancefloor. Not much more to say about this one.

Polaris's "25" offers to listeners of this compilation probably the most dancefloor track of this album, with a strong full-on bassline like I love them. I like the progression and the direction of this one and I can’t wait to hear this one really loud on some huge speakers. Polaris in general never really appealed to me, but I think I’ll start to pay a little more attention to him now.

Ohh wait, Tikal come's next with this great "Experience" and delivers a pounding one here with a cool Eminem sample used to take listeners by surprise. A nice track in general with some interesting short melodies, nothing too trancy, yet captivating.. I especially like the bassline used which gives this one alot of energy.

Altom has always been one of my favorite artists because he is very diverse in his releases as we saw with the evolution between his two albums. This one is a blend of both I would say. It has the depth of the first album, and the drive of the second album as we experience “Viper”’s sting. Following the smooth style of this entire CD, Altom know’s how to crank things up while still offering a morning feel. A fun track and defiantly the most full-on of this compilation !!

Well, all in all, this CD came as a surprise to me as I was expecting more full-on insanity, but it ended up being something with a morning progressive twist to it. Its nice to see some diversity on the market these days and there’s not much that sounds like this out there. Great job to Edoardo for compiling this CD and choosing original tracks for us. I really can’t wait for the Silicon Sound album to come out !!

My favs : 2, !!!5!!!, 8, 9!!, 10!


1. 6'45" Tristan & Prometheus - Supernature(143BPM).
2. 8'36" Allaby - Aurorae(140BPM).
3. 7'56" Zen Mechanics - New Propulsion Technology(142BPM).
4. 8'23" Jaia - Electricity(140BPM).
5. 7'24" Pixel & Wrecked Machines - R.P.N.G.C.(Silicon Sound remix)(145BPM).
6. 6'48" Wrecked Machines & Pixel - Tea Time(140BPM).
7. 7'38" Orion - Welcome To Reality remix(145BPM).
8. 7'03" Polaris - 25(144BPM).
9. 7'16" Tikal - Experience(145BPM).
10. 8'15" Altom - Viper(145BPM).
Member Comments
» spannungsbogen said @ Mon Feb 6, 2006 @ 9:15pm
Jaia et Zen Mechanics torche en sale sur cette compil!
» tranceinmypants said @ Mon Feb 6, 2006 @ 8:21pm
aw nice its out, been waiting for it.. neurobiotic is solid
» clown said @ Mon Feb 6, 2006 @ 2:15pm
thanks guys.. :) glad you liked it !!
» xbsd said @ Fri Feb 3, 2006 @ 5:36pm
thx, nice review!
» HumanBoing said @ Fri Feb 3, 2006 @ 2:23pm
Nice review Vince, I'll have to give a listen to this compilation, nice set of artists.