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Title:Keepers Tenders
Posted On:2005-12-17 00:00:00
Posted By:» earthyspirit
Extended stay, unconcerned way,
what happened to our true path?
why is it we've gone so astray?

Meant to tend, to mend and keep,
why have we ignored our purpose?
how can we continue to sleep?

Awaken, fly free from babylon,
How can we leave these bonds?
What keeps us from moving on?

Ours is to make green and live,
Why do we overtake and consume?
When it's in us to heal and give?

Arkos Sante is an example to use,
When will we aspire to such dreams?
Can you see how much there's to lose?

Be Green, Be Clean. Think Ahead.
Do it because it needs to be done.
Do it because you should and can.
Do it for the planet and for all life.

Think about your lifetime footprint on this planet
Remember that every single organism in a system makes a difference.
Ripples effect things in many ways, both big and small.
Big positive ripples are what we need more of...
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