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Posted On:2011-06-02 22:50:25
Posted By:» MunchieBunny
I should have just walked away
I shouldn’t just ignored it
Like something I couldn’t see
Like something so beneath me
Ah… Why did I look at you at all?

I should have just ran away
I should acted like if, didn’t hear you at all
I wish I could silence
Oh… That voice that’s calling out to me

Without a word you showed me what it’s like
To feel so alone and then suddenly inside
A feeling overcomes that I cannot control
I can’t escape what I’ve become

Without a word this blessing they call ‘Love’
Turned into this painful dreaded curse
You left me standing here, used up and thrown away
What can I say there are no words
You left me without words

It’s not been long since then
And I’ve started a new beginning
But then I see your face, so close but far way
Oh… My heart it went back again

Without a word a word goodbye finds my way
It finds me then it laugh in my face
The game is set and done, neither of us won
And I’m the only one in pain

Without a word everything changed
Without a word u took me by surprise
It will never be the same, never be the same
What’s left to say there are no words?
You left me without words

Maybe I’ll just let it hurt
Sink like a lesson learned
Someday it all fade away leaving nothing
Nothing but memories
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» NubiKing dicho @ Thu Mar 22, 2012 @ 5:00pm
OUch this hurts ... there will be so many lessons to come, keep the light strong, that'll leave em in darkness ;)