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Title:How High can you fly?
Posted On:2011-03-14 20:45:29
Posted By:» MunchieBunny
I have waited for you all my life
I have lost you once and now twice
Could the third be now? or in a future life?

You like to dance and get high
All I need to fly is the sight of you
While you party the night away
I'm home making it comfy for you to come back to
While you were tripping on funky colors
All I needed to get my buzz was your smile

While you were chatting and flirting here and there
I was dreaming of a future with you
You were having fantasies about what she could be
On your bed waiting,you were my dreams come true

I have took care of you when you were lost
I was there with opened arms to hear you when needed
I has my share of problems but being next to you
You made everything bad go away

I loved you before, I still love you now
I hope we meet again, as high as you can fly
As low as you may fall, I'll be waiting
For you always, I'll be waiting
You know where to find me if not now
Maybe in a future life
Miembro Comentarios
» MunchieBunny dicho @ Fri Jun 17, 2011 @ 7:36pm
It's because when I wrote it, i wasn't sure if I had lost him or not. : )
» DCRn dicho @ Sun Apr 10, 2011 @ 4:19am
"I have lost you once and now twice Could the third be now? or in a future life?" The rest is fine but this part makes it seem as if you want to lose him or her a third time... :S