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2012 May:
[ ]Angels and Demons
2012 March:
[ ]The Pressures
[ ]Tough Love
Title:The Pressures
Posted On:2012-03-22 17:18:07
Posted By:» NubiKing
Something pulls me,
Another one push me,
One directs me,
And the other absorbs me,
I am just a baby,
Early in my recovery,
Very vulnerable ,
Chasing security,
Everyone calm in their dins,
Seems like I am the only one with sin?
Are they master's of disguise?
Are they experts in the art of life?
What is it that makes them super calm?
Does perception play a role?
Stereotypes in the back of their minds?
At the bottom of the pyramid I will stay?
At the bottom of the pyramid is where I play!
The power of the people is on the rise,
The power to the people is paradise,
The power of knowledge, money, and might
The power of love and power of delight
Power of a smile, Power of dime,
Power of a small gesture, that might be a crime!
The power to be! Free of insanity?
Power to be me, in the heart of diversity,
What am I, What will I be?
Do I surrender to my current deficiency,
Association is a key,
Any negativity can lead to misery,
I just don't want to make a mess,
So much for me to do,
So much for me to tackle before you,
Enforced Morality is sad,
Morality works in mysterious ways!
Later it will become more give than take!
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